Ally Hills – manipuLIES

Photo / mksadler

LGBTQ+ entertainer, influencer and musician Ally Hills treats us all to a slice of premium electro-pop wth her new single, ‘manipuLIES’.

Ally’s girlfriend had written the original lyrics to the song when she was only ten years old. After uncovering them fourteen years later, Hills then turned the words into the supreme pop bop that you are currently enjoying.

“I never thought I would actually release ‘manipuLIES’ because it was made just for fun. After finding some childhood memorabilia, my girlfriend sent me a photo of lyrics she had written when she was ten and that night I turned them into a song to give to her on our third date the next day. As far as the meaning goes, the lyrics are pretty straight forward, but at the end of the day the song is simply a sentimental inside joke between her and I more than anything else.”

Since launching her YouTube channel back in 2012, Hills has worked her way to become one of the internet’s most influential and loved LGBTQ+ artists, amassing close to a million subscribers on YouTube and more than 320k followers on Instagram alone.

Ally Hills