Annalise Azadian – Life of the Party

One of the stand-out pop releases from the last week, ‘Life of the Party’ takes Annalise Azadian’s deliciously melancholic vocals and lays them over textured 90’s inspired dance beats to create a song that feels nostalgic yet future-forward.

“I secretly hate parties. Being an artist is all about putting yourself out there, yet I tend to find myself being the wallflower in crowded rooms. I sometimes wonder if this makes people gravitate towards me even more, hence the ‘All eyes on me’ lyric; it had a feel-good vibe with an emotional theme. When Swagg [producer] got involved, he loved the reference, and added his twist on it with a whole new energy and vibe to become more of a summer anthem, party song – especially with the world beginning to open back up. The song started as a soulful hook about standing out but not necessarily enjoying that limelight, whether in day-to-day life or, in this case, a party.”

Annalise Azadian