Anthony Russo – Morning

Already achieving over 100 million streams independently and earning acclaim from the likes of Rolling StoneBillboard, Ones To Watch and more, rising St. Louis-born singer-songwriter Anthony Russo returns today with new summer bop ‘Morning’.

Infectiously catchy, the bright production glimmers as his voice flutters between vivid verses and a hypnotic high register. Urging his significant other to ‘sleep on it’ instead of fighting further, he pleads on the hook, ‘Let’s see how we feel in the morning.’

“‘Morning’ was birthed out of the idea that sometimes you need to step away from the problem, or sleep on it, to get a better perspective. When you’re close to somebody and spend a lot of time with them sometimes, it’s hard to zoom out in the moment. A lot of times, the problem is not that deep, and you just need a simple reset. Some people don’t like to go to bed angry, and I understand that. But you’d be surprised at how different things feel in the morning when you just let it go and sleep on it.”

Anthony Russo