Years & Years win BBC Sound of 2015

years and years

Years & Years winning the BBC Sound of 2015 was a no brainer for me – I’m a huge fan of this synth-pop trio. Looking forward to seeing how the next twelve months unravel for them.

James Bay comes second in the BBC Sound of 2015 poll

james bay

I predicted that James Bay would rank highly for the BBC Sound of poll. Tomorrow the winner is revealed. My money’s on Years & Years.

Stormzy comes third in the BBC Sound of 2015 poll


I hate to admit it but I am so off on this year’s BBC Sound Of poll! Grime kid Stormzy has come third this year. To be fair, this is a good track.

Raury comes fourth in the BBC Sound of 2015 poll


I must be in the minority here but I was never a big fan of Raury… In any case, he’s come in fourth in the BBC Sound of 2015.

George the Poet comes fifth in the BBC Sound of 2015 poll

george the poet

A really interesting choice – George the Poet – has come fifth in this year’s BBC Sound Of poll. The winner (revealed by Friday) will give an accurate depiction of what talent will take over the British music industry this year.

BBC Sound Of 2015 longlist revealed

bbc sound of 2015
bbc sound of 2015 longlist

With the year finally winding down, the BBC has revealed it’s longlist for the Sound of 2015. The winner from this poll almost always ends up being a household name. Here’s the longlist of talent, with a link to their first feature on Alfitude when relevant – although bear in mind some of these posts are so old that the media’s probably not up any more:

On a personal note, I think it’s a much stronger selection than the last couple of years. My bets go on James Bay, Shura, Rae Morris, Kwabs, Sunset Sons or Years & Years (my favourite) to win. But it’s hard to call just yet… A countdown to the shortlist leads to the winner being announced on January 9th 2015. Listen to the music here.