Beach Weather – Unlovable

Photp / Kirsten Barnett

One of America’s most prominent alternative outfits return today with a punchy slice of melodic pop-rock.

Beach Weather‘s new single ‘Unloveable’ makes an immediate impact from the moment you press play. Inspired by our personal feelings of insecurity, the song’s lyrics strike a chord with most listeners who have fallen into the trap of self-doubting themselves.

“We had been building all of these ideas in our heads of what we thought we needed to be and whether we could be satisfied with who we actually were. I think in a way it’s about questioning your own value. Wondering if you’ll ever truly be enough and never completely meeting expectations. At the same time being satisfied knowing that it’s human to feel that way.” – Sean Silverman, Beach Weather

With strong support from alternative radio stations across the globe, Beach Weather have accumulated over 100 million catalogue streams to date. If you’re in New York, be sure to catch the band perform at Pier 17 on 30th September 2022.

Beach Weather