Nicki Nicole, Dread Mar I, Bizarrap – Verte

Singer-songwriter and rapper Nicki Nicole is already a massively established name in her native Argentina, with three top 10 singles, over 6 million Instagram followers, 430 million YouTube views and 400 million streams worldwide.

Now also gaining a Latin GRAMMY® nomination for Best New Artist, it seems global domination is inevitable.

“For me, ‘Verte’ is a dream collaboration. I never imagined being able to share a studio with Dread Mar I and Biza. I honestly couldn’t believe I was doing a song with Dread Mar I, produced by Bizarrap. ‘Verte’ was created in an hour or so. When we finished, it made us feel so many things. We couldn’t stop singing, dancing. I think we played it like 45 times that night.”

Nicki Nicole