Boy Willows – Yello House

Landon Fleischman, the Los Angeles-via-Maryland musician who records as Boy Willows is back today with the fabulously eccentric yet minimal ‘Yello House’.

Running on the themes of nostalgia and memories, Landon was inspired to write the song around his parents moving out of his childhood home, saying:

where that leaves me, and those memories and what it means to no longer have that physical space I associate with a version of myself that I loved. But also, genuinely hoping that they can find happiness in a new chapter.

Boy Willows

Boy Willows – Fila (with Dylan Minnette)

An eclectic mix of alt-pop and jazz, fused with a quirky take on folk. The sound feels soft and warming, and totally charming.

“Dylan and I were talking to each other about what feelings bubbled up when we were forced to slow down for the first time in a long time. I wanted the song to be dream-like. The first lyrics are ‘follow me down’ because it’s meant to take the listener down a rabbit hole of what’s going on in my head. When I was making the instrumental, I was picturing everything in slow motion, super delicate and airy, giving space for Dylan and I to share some intimate stuff. We got to collaborate on this song and heal by singing about it together. Looking at the song now, it’s cool to hear our verses almost converse with each other. It’s comforting.” – Boy Willows

Boy Willows | Dylan Minnette