Jono Dorr x Brandon Colbein – Wrong

The definition of soulful melancholy lives within this song. Beautifully emotive and heartbreaking.

“The song is about realising that you were a long rebound for a woman you thought you loved.” – Jono Dorr

Jono Dorr | Brandon Colbein

Brandon Colbein – I.D.C.A.L

Four years after capturing the world’s attention with the song ‘Bad’, Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Brandon Colbein continues to deliver some outstanding pop. This track is a candid yet enjoyable song that’s all about being cheated on, and the personal journey that it ensues.

“The song allows the listener to sympathise with being cheated on and still feeling empowered. I want people to move through their emotions while understanding that it is not ok to give your trust to a loved one and not receive it back. If so you’re better on your own.”

Brandon Colbein