Live: Dua Lipa at Brixton Academy

The force of Dua Lipa seems to be never ending right now. A packed Brixton Academy in London played host to one epic gig!

Live: Laura Doggett & John Newman at O2 Brixton Academy

laura doggett o2 brixton academy october 2014

john newman o2 brixton academy october 2014

After missing out on catching Laura Doggett live for weeks, I finally managed to catch this 20-year old talent as a support for John Newman’s sold-out (and massive) production yesterday at the Brixton Academy.

While still a pretty new kid on the pop scene, her songs carried well live. Well worth a catch!

And as for John Newman… Nothing could have prepared me for the scale of his gig. No expense spared- this is how you make an entrance!

Live: The Streets at Brixton Academy

You might know that I go crazy over The Streets… I don’t know why but it resonates with me. Last night they played Brixton Academy in London for what will probably be the very last time in their 10 years as a project, so I had to go. While everyone around me was fucked off their faces, I couldn’t help but get emotional- a lot of things have happened to me this last decade with Skinner’s songs playing as a soundtrack.

I felt as though I was 18 again, just coming out of school and freaking out over the future, being in relationships with people I shouldn’t have, and discovering stuff about myself that I never knew.  Anyway, it’s sad that The Streets are over, but it did end in an epic way last night. There’s more pics on my Flickr… They’re mostly shit just because I couldn’t stop moving around.