Everyone You Know – Charlie

Track of the week. Featuring a lyric sample from The Streets’ ‘Weak Become Heroes’, this new release from EYK is giving you everything you need; a pulsating beat matched with intriguing lyricism and a dark essence of intensity.

“It’s essentially a story about a woman’s relationship with ‘Charlie’ (you can interpret that how you like) over a darker club beat. We had a lot of fun making this record so we hope you lot enjoy it.”

Everyone You Know

Watch: The Streets – I Wish You Loved You As Much As You Love Him (feat. Donae’O, Greentea Peng)

“This is a summer club song. Knowing that Donae’o is the king of UK Funky music – match made in heaven.  Greentea Peng was the perfect foil for this, her melodies are unique and she’s wicked.”

Taken from the upcoming mixtape ‘None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Life Alive’ which is released via Island on 10th July.

Mike Skinner and The Streets

The Streets – Call Me In The Morning (feat. Chip and Grim Sickers)

I’ve been following The Streets since my teens (a long time ago now…) so I’ll always have a soft spot for them.

This is one of their better releases recently, and it coincides with some new dates for their reunion gigs being announced.

Mike Skinner and The Streets

Dan Caplen – Blinded By The Lights (The Streets Cover)


The original was one of those songs that defined my youth, so to hear this stunning rework brings me so much joy right now.

Dan Caplen | The Streets

First Watch: Man Like Me ‘Sleaze’

man like me pillow talk

New video from one of my favourite British bands. The single’s out March 18th and is taken from the album ‘Pillow Talk’ which was co-produced and mixed by Mike Skinner (from ex-Streets fame). The album is due for release on March 3rd.

First Watch: The D.O.T. ‘You Never Asked’

This is exciting to me- Mike Skinner (ex The Streets) has a new project called The D.O.T. and this is their new video featuring Danny Brown and Clare Maguire. Good.

Live: Man Like Me for The Beats Relaunch at Electricity Showrooms

I was lucky enough to catch a few tracks (including upcoming single ‘Squeeze’) by Man Like Me at Mike Skinner’s relaunch of The Beats label- the same label that first discovered and signed up Professor Green and Example. The man’s obviously got an eye for talent!

First Listen: Man Like Me ‘Squeeze’

One of my favourite new tracks from this month (and trust me, I hear a LOT of stuff every week…) this is the new Man Like Me single, produced by ex-The Streets‘ Mike Skinner. Single’s out May 28th. The band will play a special one-off launch show at London’s Dingwalls on May 24!

Mike Skinner (ex The Streets) to produce new Man Like Me album…

… and this excites me to no end. The band’s new album is due for release later this summer and is produced and mixed by Mike Skinner. Originally on board to mix one or two tracks, Mike loved the music so much he insisted on working the full album and re-launching his record label The Beats to release it on!

The new single, ‘Squeeze’ is an electro/grime sex anthem for the 21st century, featuring Johnny Langer’s trademark observational lyricism. The video will be out soon. Included on the album and re-worked by Mike Skinner is previous single and live favourite ‘London Town’, which will be re-released in time for the Olympics:

The band will play a special one-off launch show at London’s Dingwalls on May 24. More tour dates to be announced.

Free Download: Lana Del Rey ‘Video Games’ (Sam Sure & Giacomo Re-Version)

I like it when remixes aren’t just speeded up versions of songs. This ‘re-version’ of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’ has a really cool twist to it, and it comes as a free download along with these other edits over on Sam Sure & Giacomo’s Facebook:

Their music draws comparisons to the likes of The Streets, Rizzle Kicks and Jamie T, and will be leading into the new year with the release of the understated debut, ‘Dark Inside’; deconstructed beats and heavy atmospherics lay the bed for an introspective and brooding vocal.

First Watch: Ghostpoet feat The D.O.T ‘Trouble’

On Wednesday 30th November Ghostpoet and The D.O.T. took to the stage at Village Underground for the third RizLab project to take-part in the world’s first live interactive music video shoot for the collaborative track ‘Trouble’.

After Ghostpoet and The D.O.T. asked fans to send in trouble making suggestions, the online audience voted for various multiple choice options in real time. The artists were faced with a Yeti in a snowstorm, bad disco dancers, a cheerleading quartet, a choreographed boy band and a homage to the Stonehenge scene from Spinal Tap. Watch it and read more here!

Ghostpoet + The D.O.T. = Rizlab


I’ve just come back from this Rizlab event I’ve been writing about, where they got Ghostpoet and The D.O.T. (formerly known as Mike Skinner from The Streets) to create a song called ‘Trouble’, then shoot the video in real time by giving fans online a choice of what kinds of trouble the three of them should go through while filming.

It ended up with some cheerleaders, a bad disco scene and a boyband miming to the words. Yet somehow the whole thing didn’t feel camp…

I had the chance to check it out while it was being filmed in Shoreditch and it was so good. I mean, the whole thing didn’t last more than four minutes but the DJ sets inbetween were immense. These Rizlab kids know how to throw a midweek party.

The Streets ‘OMG’

Released last week as a single, one of my favourite songs from their very last album. I was at the crowd in Brixton when he did a bit of the crowd surfing in the video. Next single has to be ‘Blip on a Screen’… I hope…!

Live: The Streets at Brixton Academy

You might know that I go crazy over The Streets… I don’t know why but it resonates with me. Last night they played Brixton Academy in London for what will probably be the very last time in their 10 years as a project, so I had to go. While everyone around me was fucked off their faces, I couldn’t help but get emotional- a lot of things have happened to me this last decade with Skinner’s songs playing as a soundtrack.

I felt as though I was 18 again, just coming out of school and freaking out over the future, being in relationships with people I shouldn’t have, and discovering stuff about myself that I never knew.  Anyway, it’s sad that The Streets are over, but it did end in an epic way last night. There’s more pics on my Flickr… They’re mostly shit just because I couldn’t stop moving around.

The Streets has to go to Number 1 on Sunday’s charts… It has to!

So, The Street’s very last album was released this week in the UK. It’s currently on course to make the Top 5 in the album charts on Sunday. But for what is probably the best album to come out of Mike Skinner since ‘A Grand Don’t Come For Free’, as well as the sheer fact that this is THE LAST ONE, I really think everyone should go out and buy a CD or go to iTunes and get a copy… It’s epic, and has that ‘last day of term’ vibe to it. It’s excellent… Trust Me.

First Listen: The Streets ‘Computers and Blues’ (Album Stream)

Click here to listen to The Street’s final album, ‘Computers and Blues’ in full before it’s release later in the month. It’s excellent. I’ll be sad to see the end of The Streets… until their gig in March!

It’s Christmas time, and The Streets want to give you something (free music!)

Titled ‘I Don’t Want It To Be Me’, it’s just what you would expect an Xmas song by Mike Skinner to sound like.

MP3: Scrooge & Marley – I Don’t Want It To Be Me