CHARLIE – Friends

Cambridge-based singer, songwriter and producer CHARLIE returns today with a nostalgic new single called ‘Friends’.

The track reminisces of the bygone days of our childhoods, when life was easier and we had less to worry about.

“Here’s the thing, when you’re younger you don’t realise how good life was. It was so simple, so exciting and part of me misses it so much. I wrote ‘Friends’ inspired by the close knit group of mates I had growing up and how much time we spent together before growing up, moving out of our hometowns and going from seeing each other every day to a few times a year. Yes, this is a personal story to me, but it’s a story shared by every single person and I can’t wait for people to connect with it.”

Alongside its thoughtful lyricism, ‘Friends’ also treats listeners to an energising production that fuses elements of pop with rock.

To date, CHARLIE’s songs and collaborations have found their way onto outlets as noted as BBC Introducing. This talent could well be one of the UK’s new up and comers!


New Music: Charlie Watson

Hailing from the city of Cambridge in England, British newcomer Charlie Watson releases an impressive debut today.

A former chorister at Ely Cathedral, this 21-year old talent is now embarking on a new musical journey that currently sees him experimenting with alt-pop sounds.

Delivering a dystopian twist on the genre, new single ‘2052’ presents listeners with a pessimistic yet impassioned view on the world in which we live in. Elaborating on the lyricism of the song, Watson explains:

“Generally I’m a happy, positive guy but sometimes I do get very pessimistic about the world we live in and it doesn’t take a long look at the news to feel like that. Writing this song was a way for me to express those feelings that a lot of people my age tend to get into a spiral about. I hope this song provides some sort of cathartic comfort to anyone that listens to it.”

Charlie Watson

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