Child Seat – Unrequited

American duo Child Seat (aka Madeleine Mathews and Josiah Mazzaschi) have been building steady momentum since their formation in 2021.

With a style of sound that fuses indie with pop and rock, this outfit have consistently created captivating pieces of music that feel experimental but also relatable to listeners.

New single ‘Unrequited‘ samples a vintage Mattel Optigan, and serves us with a dreamy soundscape that is really quite mesmerising to experience.

“‘Unrequited’ is a song about fabricating a life in your head daydreaming about someone or something only for it to not actually be true in real life. You’re constantly let down by your fantasies.”

If you’ve only just discovered Child Seat then be sure to give their 2022 debut album ‘Bad Holiday’ a spin here.

Child Seat