Cosmo Jarvis to release third album

Alfitude favourite, Cosmo Jarvis releases his new and third album ‘Think Bigger’ on July 9, via his own music and film label 25th Frame in the UK. And if releasing your third album wasn’t enough to be getting on with, Cosmo Jarvis has just completed his first full-length feature film, entitled ‘Naughty Room’.

Cosmo Jarvis ‘Gay Pirates’

So I mentioned in a post on here Cosmo Jarvis, and it turns out he’s something of a hit on the web for a couple of years already- mainly for this track, called ‘Gay Pirates’. I’m pretty sure he isn’t gay himself, which makes this all the more fun to watch.

New Music: Cosmo Jarvis

I was really confused when I started to watch this but I realised by the end that there’s something about it which is actually kinda cool- it’s not what I was expecting. His blurb reads…

Cosmo is probably best described as a polymath/space-cadet hybrid with a talent surplus. A 21 year old accomplished film maker and musician (300 songs written to date), multi-instrumentalist and producer who has been praised by Brian ‘God’ Eno and sometimes models on the side, he’s certainly no slouch.

Check out here.