Dance Yourself Clean – Losing Focus

American legends Dance Yourself Clean return with one of their most impressive releases to date.

‘Losing Focus’ is a dazzling piece of electronic music that feels alive and energising, while also carrying with it some vivid and captivating lyricism.

“This one was literally two years in the making y’all… We’ve never redone, rearranged, revamped or restarted a song more times in our lives. All the pain was worth it though, because we think this song is really special.”

If you’re based in Seattle or Los Angeles and have yet to make plans for New Year’s Eve, Dance Yourself Clean have organised parties in both cities – details can be found here.

Dance Yourself Clean

Dance Yourself Clean – Last Call

Legendary American dance project Dance Yourself Clean unleash an epic slice of electronic pop for the weekend ahead.

Infectiously memorable and immensely feel-good, ‘Last Call’ is guaranteed to become one of the summer anthems of the year.

Dance Yourself Clean