New Music: Dane Schumacher

We are very excited to introduce to you an emerging alt-pop artist from the US, called Dane Schumacher.

Dane’s music has been picking up significant momentum since the start of the year; this talent has already amassed more than 97k cumulative streams to date from the release of just two singles.

And we think his popularity will surge even further with the unveiling of his latest track, ‘Sucker Punch’. If you’re suffering from a summer romance that’s reaching its inevitable end, then this song is for you.

I was dating a bigger musician and she was going on a three month tour. We just started to like each other a lot when I realised our future didn’t look too optimistic. The song’s about enjoying the time you’ve got with someone before they move on with life.

Listen to more of Dane’s music here.

Dane Schumacher

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