Drew Elliott – Missing You Now

Sometimes an artist creates a piece of dream pop that is just so beautifully emotive that it genuinely moves me in an unexpected way. Drew Elliott’s new release, ‘Missing You Now’ is exactly that.

A song that looks at the awkward small talk when you run into an old ex, this song is delicate piece of music that feels delightfully relatable.

“Last summer, I attempted to rekindle a friendship that ended after a breakup a few years ago. I tend to go silent immediately after a relationship ends, to allow space for healing and create a chance to move on, but even after years passed, it felt like a piece of my life was always missing. Not to sound pessimistic, but usually that process of rediscovering a friendship fails, because things can get complicated so easily, so you end up missing your best friend and wondering if they’re missing you. In this case, I’m happy to say she’s a part of my life again. But ‘Missing You Now’ was a result of a first attempt at trying to rekindle that friendship on what felt like a lurking possibility of slipping back into something reminiscent of the past.”

Drew Elliott