Jeg skal til Norge

I will be in Oslo, Norway, for the weekend so I don’t think I’ll be able to post anything up in that time… First holiday abroad in 5 years! Anyone else going to the Eurovision Song Contest?

Is this song too cool for Eurovision?

This is Estonia’s entry for Eurovision this year. Word is going round that this is too underground to do well. Say what you want about Eurovision, but every so often it makes people aware that there’s other countries out there that like to experiment with music. I kinda like it.


Here’s some pics from the London version of the Eurovision Flashmob. Call me a geek, but I was really looking forward to this. The memo said to come dressed in bright colours, and somehow I think I took that too seriously (I looked like an orange…)

It was held outside The Place– which was a bit weird as it was just a little street in Kings Cross  (although it did look very London)

Anyway, there was a massive mix of people, and it was all loads of fun. We started at 6pm, didn’t finish til around 10 at night. Looking forward to seeing the clip on the night of the Final!

Just back from Eurovision: Your Country Needs You!


I’ve just arrived back from the BBC TV Centre in White City (London) where the UK national selection for Eurovision was hosted live on TV. We were queing from 2pm and filming wrapped at 10pm! Pete Waterman composed the song, so all we had to do was pick a singer. They were all way too young I think (one girl forgot her lines half way through the song but she did have an amazing voice). Anyway, here’s the winner: