New Music: Rahwa

This Swedish talent blends gospel, soul and RnB with a polished and finessed beat.



New Music: Rallie & Coal

This Swedish singer-songwriter duo have managed to create one of the catchiest, simplest pop songs you’ll listen to all week.

Rallie & Coal

I Am Karate – Hey Love

“The song is about insecurity and not feeling sure you’re being honest with your love. Like he’s got a secret world when he’s dreaming that you’re not a part of, and you wonder if it’s more than just dreams.”

I Am Karate

Listen to new take on Robyn’s classic ‘With Every Heartbeat’ by Zara Larsson

Conductor, Producer, Co- Producer, Associated Performer, Co- Arranger: Jules Buckley

Orchestra: HER-O

Associated Performer, Vocals: Zara Larsson

Producer, Executive Producer, Associated Performer, Music Production: Pete Tong

Pete Tong

Bavé – I’m Here Now

“I’m Here Now’ mirrors the feelings of longing for someone so intensely that when you actually do touch for the first time, its like you’ve known each other for your whole life – like in a Disney movie. And every time that person is not around, you go back to that first phase of intensely longing for their warmth.”


Live: Jesse Markin, Moyka & Elias at Ja Ja Ja

What better way to celebrate 10-years of London’s top Scandi night, Ja Ja Ja than to go and watch them showcase three of my absolute favourite Nordic acts last night.


I have been featuring this Swedish talent since 2015 and I am still a huge fan of his raw take on soul and pop – and the intensity is amplified tenfold on stage.


Moyka carries a powerful synth pop sound in a way that Norwegian talent only can. Watching this kid live felt like a polished cross between Robyn and Ingrid, only with a naivete charm which makes the whole sound so unique.

Jesse Markin

One of Finland’s brightest talents of late, with the most stunning fusion of RnB and pop. A bold presence on stage, this set was mind blowingly epic and captivating.

Pikes – All My Friends Are On P3

I wanted to be on Swedish national radio (P3 – the equivalent in the UK would be BBC Radio 1) and I sort of felt frustrated that I wasn’t. It also felt like every time I heard a song on the radio it was a friend of mine who either produced, wrote or sang it. So I did what artists do to maintain their sanity. I wrote a song about it as a joke.

“The irony is that I just got on national radio in Sweden.”