Felish – Can I be sad too?

An artist to watch from Scandinavia next year will be Afro-Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Felish.

A former recipient of the LACM Linda Perry Scholarship, this talented musician has been working alongside hitmakers and releasing songs since her 2016 debut, ‘A Dream’.

New single ‘Can I be sad too?’ further continues to showcase Felish as a pop star in the making, and treats listeners to a sleek fusion of melodic soul-pop and funky disco.


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New Music: Varas

While Varas may be a name new to many of you, this emerging 25-year old talent has been gaining momentum across the Nordic region since the release of his 2020 debut EP, ‘Set One’.

Hailing from Sweden, Varas is the musical moniker for self-taught Chilean producer, singer and songwriter Benjamin Muñoz Varas.

Signed to the legendary TEN Music Group, Varas constructs a style of alternative indie-pop that feels understated yet melancholic, sincere and emotive in tone.

Elaborating on the inspiration behind his latest release, Varas explains:

 “‘New Light’ got created out of surprise and by getting to know new sides of myself. It was equally scary and relieving when I realised I’d always replace me with another me. I was convinced the person I identified as was a constant thing, a solid rock. I change each year and each day.”

“It doesn’t matter if I’ve convinced myself into a certain direction, all it takes is romances, friendships, losing and getting jobs, letting go of dreams or creating new ones to lose the sense of it. It’s dumb. But don’t get me wrong, it’s a positive and vital ability. Although when I think about it, scratch what I said. It could also just be a song about falling in love at the wrong time. Ask me again tomorrow!”

The track serves a taster to Varas’ forthcoming EP, which is set for release early next year.


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Janice Prix – Stone Love

Acclaimed Swedish indie outfit Janice Prix are back today with a new single entitled ‘Stone Love’.

Dark, haunting and atmospheric in tone, the song attributes its intensity to being written and produced during the pandemic. Elaborating on the lyrics, guitarist and producer MK explains:

“[The song] definitely revolves around destroying something beautiful and turning it into something awful. It happens in both love and friendship.”

Since releasing debut album ‘Waking’ in 2020, Janice Prix have gone on to tour across Europe and South Korea, while also garnering critical praise from the likes of The Line of Best Fit and Hype Magazine.

Janice Prix

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New Music: Deki Alem

Consisting of brothers Sammy and Johnny Bennett, Deki Alem is a new musical project emerging from Sweden that incorporates elements of drum’n’bass with hip hop, electronica and punk.

The resulting sound presents listeners with tracks that are refreshingly invigorating and energising in tone.

Rapidly gaining traction across Scandinavia, Deki Alem have already garnered praise from the likes of GAFFA Sweden and Kingsize Magazine.

Deki Alem

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Ellen Krauss – Tie Me Down

Acclaimed Scandinavian singer and songwriter Ellen Krauss unveils a new single today entitled ‘Tie Me Down’.

Inspired by the inner conflicts that come with commitment, the song continues to showcase the beautiful fusions of indie and alternative pop that Krauss has mastered so well.

“The song is about not wanting to commit to someone because you’re convinced you’ll find someone even better. But you still stick around just because it’s good and exciting. I wrote this song this fall, I was out and about, dating round and it was great but it was always like ”she’s not you”. 

Since her debut in 2019 (with LGBTQ anthem The One I Love’), Krauss has garnered praise from the likes of Billboard, Earmilk, Clash, Fault and 1883 Magazine, while her catalogue of work has exceeded 47 million streams to date.

Ellen Krauss

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Photo / Johanna Pettersson

We’ve been following pop artist ISA’s work for quite some time, and if you’re as much of a fan as we are then you’ll be pleased to know that this Swedish starlet has today unveiled a new single and EP.

Serving as anthem for self-empowerment and liberation, ‘BLEED’ is taken from a wider collection of songs called ‘Anxiety Boulevard’, which is available now.

“‘BLEED’ is about evolving, breaking free and becoming the version of yourself who won’t be played with. If someone tries to hurt you they should be ready that you’ll bite back.

The EP shows more of me than ever before. By using more organic instruments, flirting with both punk, hip hop and R&B and combining it with honest lyrics, I’ve been able to find a new way of both writing and creating music. I’ve been inspired by artists like Eminem, Blink 182 and The Script which is the type of music I and my family listened to when growing up. This makes this it more me than ever before.”

Already an established name in her home country, ISA currently commands more than 62k monthly Spotify listeners and has accumulated millions of career streams to date.


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The Sweet Serenades – Back in Your Arms

Swedish one man-band The Sweet Serenades (aka singer and songwriter Martin Nordvall) unveils his new single today, entitled ‘Back in Your Arms’.

Created alongside producer Johannes Berglund (who has worked with the likes of Fever Ray and Shout Out Louds), the song presents listeners with a beautifully emotive and captivating fusion of indie, alternative pop and folk.

Fans based in Germany will be pleased to know that The Sweet Serenades will be touring the country from 29th Oct to 6th Nov 2022 – tickets can be found here.

The Sweet Serenades

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New Music: Mikaela Stenmo

Mikaela Stenmo continues Sweden’s proud tradition as being the home of electro-pop with the release of new single, ‘Heart Attack’.

Unmistakably Scandinavian in character, the song’s melancholic essence contrasts beautifully against an uptempo electronic production, while the lyrics tell of the stresses that come with being in love.

“The lyrics explore how I realise that I am the culprit in a fight between my ex boyfriend and I and try anything and everything to get him back. The song highlights the stress one feels when desperately trying to get a hold of someone they love.”

The song was originally conceived in 2020 with the help of Wille Enblad and Lucas Albrektsson, and has undergone two years of revisions before its release today.

Mikaela Stenmo

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Janice – My Kind Of Woman

Not many talents can claim to have released a new single and EP while also launching their international acting debut at the same time. But that is most certainly the case for Swedish artist Janice.

Lifted from new EP ‘The Playlist’ (out now), ‘My Kind Of Woman’ expertly fuses nostalgic soul and alternative R&B with power-pop, ultimately creating a bold anthem for body acceptance:

“‘My Kind Of Woman’ is an anthem that celebrates women of all shapes and sizes. It’s about being the woman you want to be. Dare to throw yourself out there, flourish and believe in your own power. Don’t let anyone else define you.”

Janice also stars in Netflix drama series ‘The Playlist’, which was inspired by the origins of Spotify (streaming globally now).


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Ella Tiritiello – Take it Personal

Photo / Ebba Lange

Scandinavian artist Ella Tiritiello returns with a sublime piece of pop through the release of new single ‘Take It Personal’.

Written as a reminder that honesty is always the best policy, the track continues to prove that this emerging 16-year old Swedish talent is one talent to watch.

“The inspiration came from how you often say to people to not take it personal and ‘it’s not you, it’s me’, but maybe sometimes it’s better to just keep it straight.”

To date, Tiritiello has accumulated over 250k catalogue streams, while also winning acclaim from industry heavyweights as notable as Nile Rogers and others.

Ella Tiritiello

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New Music: Namelle

Photo / Agnes Strand

One of Sweden’s most promising pop starlets right now has to be singer and songwriter Namelle.

Having already amassed well over four million cumulative streams on Spotify to date (including a successful collaboration with Dutch producer Piece Wise), this rising talent has marked herself as a Scandi artist to watch.

Speaking on the lyrical meaning behind her newly-released single ‘Goodbye Boy’, Namelle says:

“‘Goodbye Boy’ says ‘Thanks, but no thanks,’ to all the Romeos out there who think you’re interested in them just because you’re being nice.”

Fans can look forward to Namelle’s forthcoming EP, ‘Salt’, which is scheduled for release later this year.


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New Music: Boko Yout

Not much is known about Stockholm-based artist Boko Yout (aka Paul Adamah), but the music pretty much speaks for itself.

This is a sound that pushes indie music to the extreme. Bold, experimental, invigorating and refreshingly unique in tone, songs like ‘ANXIETY’ are as captivating as they are intriguing.

There is no doubt in our minds that this emerging talent will become one of Sweden’s newest musical exports in the coming future.

Boko Yout

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Sötnos – Care About Nothing

It’s barely been a month since we last featured Stockholm duo Sötnos, but today marks their return with the release of new single, ‘Care About Nothing’.

With its eccentric mix of indie, pop and rock, the song delivers a sound that feels care-free, fun and uplifting – and further cements Sötnos as one of Sweden’s most exciting newcomers.

“This was the first song we ever made together. Recording this song, we jumped up and down and screamed as loud as we could. It was a total blast and it went fast and we hope it translates for you out there listening.”

The track shares its name with the duo’s debut album, which is also released today and can be heard here.


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Juliander – We

Photo / Fredrik Etoall

Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Juliander unveils his latest single, entitled ‘We’.

With its refreshingly original approach to pop, the sound feels experimental and future-forward in tone, yet also carries a deeply emotive and meloncholic undertone which is truly captivating to experience.

Speaking on the single, Juliander says:

“‘We’ was born from a single sound and the lyrics came to me right away. It was written in a one take. Everything felt natural and it just flowed, the best feeling for a songwriter. I experimented a lot in the production and my favourite part is probably the instrumental after the second chorus, it just feels euphoric and I love it.”

Already an established artist in his native Sweden (with over 95k monthly listeners on Spotify alone), Juliander has released a string of successful hits and toured alongside the likes of Zara Larsson and Alan Walker.


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Photo / CHAI

Scandinavian pop starlet Bishat unveils a beautifully emotive new track today, entitled ‘PROBLEMS’.

Serving as the follow-up to her much-hyped previous single ‘MANNERS’, Bishat once again displays a finessed and well-constructed fusion of R&B and pop, while her candid and honest lyricism reminds lovers not to dwell on their partner’s negative traits.

“It might sound obvious but I think in reality, we’re not very good at it. I feel there are so many preconceived ideas of how a relationship should be and that sets us up to fail. I wrote it in the beginning of a relationship when we were trying to figure out how NOT to mess it up like we always had done before. We just sat there telling each other all our flaws and desires a few days later I wrote the song.”

Proving herself to be one of the Nordic region’s most promising talents, Bishat’s recent work has found her achieving a nomination for Rookie Artist of the Year at the prestigious Denniz Pop Awards.


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New Music: Euro Cowboy

Hailing from Sweden are newcomers Euro Cowboy, who unveil their melodic debut single ‘420@hotmale.com’ today.

Through its refreshingly original mix of bedroom pop and alternative R&B, the song feels tastefully understated in tone – while also maintaining a strong sense of individuality and character.

The track is lifted from Euro Cowboy’s forthcoming EP, which is scheduled for release later in the year. In the meantime, be sure to follow this eccentric and loveable Scandinavian outfit on social media here.

Euro Cowboy

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Raindear – Rush

Scandinavian musician Raindear returns today with her bold new single, ‘Rush’. No stranger to these Alfitude pages, this talent has consistently proven herself to be one of Sweden’s most interesting pop artists from recent years.

With a beautifully intense fusion of electronica and dream-pop, the song presents listeners with an atmospheric soundscape that is truly quite captivating to experience.

Serving as a taster to Raindear’s forthcoming album, the track’s lyrics were inspired by the hardships and sacrifices that creatives have to endure – in order for them to continue with their artistry.


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New Music: Sötnos

Photo / Christian Tammi

As you may know, Scandinavians take their summer vacations very seriously. Around this time every year, the volume of new releases from the region dips, which is why we haven’t been featuring much Scandi music lately.

But that’s all about to change today, with the release of ‘Pancakes’ by Swedish newcomers Sötnos.

Thanks to it’s charming and playful blend of garage pop, indie and rock, the track serves as an immediate mood-booster and a perfect anthem for the weekend ahead.

Sötnos consists of Stockholm-based bandmates Albin Eidhagen and Tore Bojsten, who proudly self-produce all their work. Fans can look forward to the duo’s forthcoming ‘Care About Nothing’ debut album, which is released in September.


* And for those of you wondering, Sötnos roughly translates to ‘cutie pie’, and is pronounced sœ:t.n:ous!

Sofia Karlberg – Just For You

Photo / Daniela Spiroska

Swedish-Moroccan starlet Sofia Karlberg is no stranger to these pages, having first been featured back in 2016.

Since that time, Karlberg’s momentum has exploded – with the artist garnering over 1.5 billion catalogue streams, 1.2 million monthly Spotify listeners and a significant following across social media.

Today marks the release of Karlberg’s ‘Hold My Love’ EP (out now), alongside melodic new track ‘Just For You’. A masterclass in Scandi music, the song infuses subtle hints of melancholy into a thoughtfully-constructed pop production, and sets the tone for the EP.

“The journey of this EP started when I was contemplating what to do next, not only musically but in general with my life. The pandemic forced a lot of us to dig deep, ask ourselves questions we might not want to know the answers to and to revalue our purposes. I realised I needed to stand on new grounds so I decided to move to Berlin from my hometown Stockholm. I wanted to invite all the different parts of my new city into this EP, the darkness, the fun, the love but mainly the diversity. It’s such a weird and unique city with plenty room for everyone to be themselves in and I hope that this collection of songs can give you just that feeling, that there’s something for everyone, and that you’re all welcome into my world.”

Sofia Karlberg

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New Music: HAVET

Photo / Robert Brundo

Track of the week. Emerging from Bavaria are German-Swedish sisters Josy and Mimi, collectively known as HAVET.

Inspired by the likes of Billie Eilish, Tyler, the Creator and Bruno Major, this promising teen duo create songs that incorporate a multitude of genres together – creating songs that carry mainstream appeal while still maintaining a strong sense of individuality.

New single ‘Toxic’ fuses 90’s inspired indie-rock with current pop sounds, treating listeners to a sonic experience that feels both nostalgic and future-forward in equal measures.

“‘Toxic’ is about getting free from a toxic relationship and finally realising all the ways the other person treated you wrong.”

Listeners can look forward to HAVET’s forthcoming debut EP, entitled ‘Muma’s Lullaby’ which is out on 11th August 2022.


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