New Music: Ida-Lova

While entirely sung in Swedish, this is one of the most beautiful Scandinavian releases that I have heard all month.

And even when the lyrics aren’t in English, you still feel a connection to the song. It’s a sweet balance of breezy dream-pop, juxtaposed against a distinctly melancholy vocal.


New Music: KITE

Powerfully dark and impactful Swedish synth pop. So many things speak to me when I hear this track. It’s raw, rebellious, confident, haunting, bold and totally immersive.

Play it loud and lose yourself to those pulsating beats and ethereal vocals… it’s well worth it.


Duvchi – Impatient

An experimental yet beautiful blend of dream pop and downtempo from Swedish mega-talent Duvchi.


Eleonor Léone – Karma

Just you wait til that first chorus hits, because this is one of the most intense pieces of dark Scandinavian pop you’ll experience all week. The track looks at those sleepless nights we all experience when anxiety takes over, and how those thoughts can create a prison in our minds.

“I think everyone can relate to the feeling of not always being able to be your true self. You put yourself down and judge yourself based out of fear, and fear breeds fear. And the more space you give something, the more real it becomes.”

Eleonor Léone

Menke – Echo of Youth – Story Behind The Music (Short Film)

Today marks World Mental Health Day across the globe; a time to remember that pain can hurt just as much when it’s unseen, as it is seen.

With that in mind, Swedish singer Menke has released a deeply personal short film to accompany the collection of songs from ‘Echo of Youth‘ that were written over a ten year period when her life was turned upside down as a result of depression in her family.

During that time, Menke had to move from Berlin where she was performing as a folk singer, back home to her native Sweden to look after her 13-year old sister.

Their mother had lost the ability to function as a parent due to her deep depression, and Menke had to step up and look after her sibling full time.

The EP is heartfelt a story of struggle, and the departure of youth as one transitions to adulthood.

We recorded the songs in one long take, not track by track. I wanted to capture a human and close feel – the withered and the exposed.


VARPU – Pretty Girls

One of the most endearing Swedish talents of the year, VARPU is back today with a song that is the epitome of melancholy pop, Scandinavian style.

“I wanna share a song with you that I wrote after finding out that my boyfriend cheated on me. I instantly knew from the tone of his voice that my universe was about to get pulled out from under me and the days that followed were like quarantine without the virus, just Netflix and social distancing.”


Anna Bergendahl – Vera

While on the surface ‘Vera’ comes across as a typical (and beautifully melodic) country-pop tune, the story behind the lyricism takes this song to a whole new level, and one which is poignant and extremely moving.

“My family has suffered from terrible disease, and the song is from the perspective of the future, when everyone is well again. Until then I put my faith in the whisper in the wind – may it be the whisper of God or love or just wishful thinking – nevertheless I hear it.”

Anna Bergendahl

SVEA – Never Call Me Again

SVEA seems to be one of the hardest working Swedish pop songstresses out there, consistently delivering some of the country’s finest Scandi pop right now. And with that, she’s just treated us to another huge banger that’s infectiously fresh.


Elina – Remember

As a songwriter, the Ivor Novello-nominated Swedish talent Elina has penned songs for artists such as Zara Larsson, Astrid S, and NEIKED (‘Sexual).

Above all this, she’s been releasing her own music for some time now, having first being featured here back in 2018.

Now she’s back with another beautifully emotive and heartfelt ballad, taken from her new EP ‘Remember’ which is out now.


New Music: Late Verlane

A fusion of subdued indie and power-pop from a Swedish talent signed to the iconic Future Classic label.

Late Verlane

Maja Kristina – Slow Hand

Maja Kristina reshapes a cheesy (but timeless) 80’s classic into something sharp, fun and damn infectious.

“I love this song and I’m super excited to bring it back from the 80’s with a modern twist. Great songs never go out of style and this is no exception.”

Maja Kristina

Summer Heart – Good Together

Is Summer Heart Sweden’s hardest-working pop artist? This talent is consistently gifting us with some premium dream-pop, and I personally can’t get enough!

“This song is about when you meet a new person that you really like, it feels as if you fit perfectly together and you have like an ‘us against the world’ vibe, but then in the end nothing really comes out of it. Then you might look back and wonder what it would have been like if the two of you had ended up together.”

Summer Heart

Vera Hotsauce – Hot N Saucy

Make sure you leave the next 32 minutes of your life free, because this record is literally one banger after another. Press play and go bonkers.

“This album is telling a story about an era. I’ve made so many stupid decisions that got me so many crazy memories and took me on so many fucked up adventures. But I don’t regret a single thing or a single moment from it. I wrote this album mostly drunk in LA and all the songs on it is what I’ve been feeling in the very moment in the studio. This is where you get to know me, this is where I give you a glimpse of who I am. I think it’s gonna take years to actually understand what and who I am. But here you have the introduction.”

Vera Hotsauce

Aron Blom – Six Years

A deeply personal story of losing a best friend, sung from the heart. Aron Blom returns today with a soulful fusion of gospel, pop and RnB.

Darling you’re perfect

Just as you are I wish I said it enough

You’re hopelessly broken

And perfectly scarred

Hard to even think you’re gone

Aron Blom

LOVA – One Day Left

One of my favourite recent Swedish exports, LOVA returns today with a liberating track that reminds us to just loosen up and take life for what it is… The perfect message for these weird times we live in!

“No one knows what tomorrow looks like or how long we have on this planet… So instead of worrying about the small stuff like asking your crush on a date, staying up late at night wondering about what people think of you or getting jealous and upset over dumb shit, we should enjoy every day like it is our last and appreciate the things and the ones we have.”


Winona Oak – With Myself

A benchmark in premium Scandinavian dark-pop, Winona Oak returns today with a new anthem of empowerment.

“I want women of all ages, all around the world to feel comfortable in their own beautiful bodies, and to stop putting somebody else’s needs and opinions in front of their own. YOU are in charge of YOUR body and YOUR sexuality – and that’s a beautiful thing so I want you to own it. It’s about time that we make more love with ourselves.”

Winona Oak

New Music: Zikai

Having already garnered more than 7.5 million streams from previous tracks, Zikai is one Swedish name to watch out for. With a style of music that encompasses soul, RnB and pop, her songs feel immediately familiar while still fresh.

“I came home from the club knowing that I would use the crazy things that happened that night for this song. I wanted to describe that feeling of waking up and not remembering much from the night before, except the mistakes and maybe some failed attempts to reach some kind of euphoria. It’s about being in your early twenties, and not knowing exactly what direction in life you should take or what type of people you should give your energy to.”

Check out the debut EP ‘Make You Mine’ here.


Duvchi – Altitude

I have been a fan of Duvchi for as long as Alfitude has been running. The Swedish super-producer and singer is gifted with a unique production style which feels both experimental and intriguing, yet familiar.

This new release is a welcome return, and is a song that encapsulates that feeling of homesickness and loneliness in a melancholy and heartwarming way.


TK Tycoon x Dotman – Bolanle

Nigerian born and Sweden-based musician TK Tycoon creates a unique mix of afrobeats with an indie-soul edge. The resulting sound feels future-forward and engaging.

The song itself is a beautiful example of how versatile world music can be when you are bold enough to experiment with genres.

TK Tycoon