Samson For President – If You’re Lost Just Like I Am

Swedish-Colombian musician, songwriter and producer Samson For President returns today with the beautifully emotive If You’re Lost Just Like I Am’.

A sweet melody sets the tone for captivating vocals and lyrics to shine through, as the slow-building production takes you on a journey that climaxes in a gorgeously moving way.

Taken from the coming ‘Beauty Supply EP’.

Samson for President

New Music: Matilda

No week goes by without introducing some outstanding Scandinavian talent, so today it’s the turn of Swedish newcomer Matilda.

With an energised take on melancholic electro-pop, ‘Imaginary Friend’ is a song that slowly builds in intensity, setting the scene for Matilda’s distinctive vocals to shine through.

“This song is about me feeling invisible in relationships, but still being a safety blanket for someone. I’ve always been the one that is there for people and I’m that one who is needed in their life but always in a hidden way. I felt like I was an embarrassment, like an imaginary friend.”


Tall Blonde + Suncat – Lucky Charm

Northern indie wunderkind Tall Blonde reveals ‘Lucky Charm’ featuring Suncat, the lo-fi-alias of folk/ soul singer Olle Nyman.

Both retro and raw in tone, the track feels refreshingly eccentric thanks to it’s nostalgia-tinged folk sound, making it one of the most interesting releases of the week.

“It’s about the dream we’re chasing. Work ethic’s nice and all but sometimes you just need dumb luck.” – Suncat

Taken from Tall Blonde’s upcoming debut album ‘Ponderosa’.

Tall Blonde | Suncat

Cy – Hate To Hate You

Swedish starlet Cy returns today with a 90’s inspired ballad in the form of new singleHate To Hate You’.

With it’s perfect fusion of pop and R&B, the song is all about being so chained to your negative thoughts that you start hating yourself. The track is also taken from Cy’s new EP ‘Ugh!’, of which she says:

”Being 20-something can be so draining, and especially when you’re heartbroken and unsure about everything. This EP is a package of feelings that grew from this time when I had thousands of questions about where I am, who I am and where I’m going, but no answers. Even though a lot of people probably feel the same you can feel extremely lonely. I hope that my music can give someone a hand to hold for a little while.”

New EP ‘Ugh!’ is out now.


Casper The Ghost + Jutes – BAD

Swedish duo Casper The Ghost join forces with Canadian shooting star Jutes to collaborate on one of the strongest pop-punk singles that I have come across in quite some time.

‘BAD’ is a raw yet exhilarating release featuring energetic vocals and playful drums, with a soundscape likened to Blink182, Kenny Hoopla and Travis Barker.

“Ever since we heard Jutes album ‘Overrated’ we’ve wanted to collaborate with him, and this felt like the perfect opportunity. ‘BAD’ is about a toxic relationship where you should, but do not dare, talk about your problems due to the fear that it will get worse. But in the end you just realise that it would never last anyway.” – Casper The Ghost

“I love the idea of collaborating with people in different parts of the world. Especially when we’re influenced by the same music, it ends up creating a unique spin on something familiar. When I heard the record from Casper the hook instantly got stuck in my head and I knew it was the one and I had to get on the song.” – Jutes

Casper The Ghost | Jutes

Elias – I’ve Been Waiting

Stockholm-based artist Elias unveils his stunning new album, ‘Holy, Endlessly Sad, Love‘ today, and with it new single ‘I’ve Been Waiting’.

The Swedish born singer-songwriter is no stranger to these pages; Elias has been consistently creating some of the most impactful releases to come out of the Nordic nation for some years now.

“I write about what’s inside and around me at the moment.”

Holy, Endlessly Sad, Love’ is out now.


Tove Styrke – Start Walking

As a platinum-selling, Grammy-nominated, and national radio P3 Guld ‘Pop Artist of the Year’ recipient in her native Sweden, it’s safe to say that Tove Styrke has firmly established herself as a pop powerhouse.

She returns with a premium bop in the form of new single Start Walking’, which was written alongside some of the biggest writers and producers in pop currently: Caroline Ailin (Dua Lipa), Sly (Shawn Mendes), Lostboy (Tom Grennan, Anne-Marie) and Pablo Bowman (Marshmello, Alan Walker).

“It’s an upbeat song with sad lyrics, which is my favourite combination. It’s about a person who knows a relationship is over, and how it sucks to actually be the one to leave but you know there is no other way.”

Tove Styrke

New Music: Francis Moon

Swedish bedroom producer Francis Moon has already been attracting a growing fanbase thanks to his catchy and dreamlike style of music making. His new single ‘Let You Go’ takes his sound in a new direction, with more acoustic and folk elements. 

The song was inspired after moving to a new country, and talks about the expectations, miscommunications and disappointments that force you to let go and start over from scratch.

Francis Moon

Estherlivia – hollow

Bad relationships are not a fun thing, but somehow they always seem to turn into great songs. Swedish wonder-kid Estherlivia releases a powerfully expressive and melodic blend of pop and indie in the form of new release ‘hollow’.

“People who can’t speak their mind, and when they finally say something you get even more confused. Misleading love.”


Namasenda – No Regrets

One of Sweden’s most interesting hyperpop talents of late, Namasenda releases a track with a very familiar sample that is sure to stick in your head all day.

In equal measures, ‘No Regrets’ is both fun and future-forward, further solidifying this artist as one of the most exciting to emerge from Scandinavia in quite some time.


New Music: Graham Lake

Emerging from Sweden is Graham Lake, is a Stockholm-born singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who is still just 20-years old.

Today sees his debut, and boy is it something to behold! Released via EMI Sweden, ‘Focus’ was co-produced by mentor Linus Eklöw of the iconic duo Galantis.

A flawless fusion of rap and electronic pop compliments Graham’s distinctive vocals over the instantly memorable hook, ‘I’m gonna keep focusing on me.’

Graham Lake

Patrik Jean – NUMB

Patrik Jean’s new single ‘NUMB’ has to be one of the biggest pop releases to come out of Sweden this week. This is a power bop that’s all about reaching a point where you can’t take any more feelings.

Now commanding over 290k monthly listeners on Spotify alone, it’s safe to say that the world is finally waking up to this hugely talented singer and songwriter.

Patrik Jean

Pink Milk – Everything Must Die

Acclaimed Swedish darkwave duo Pink Milk return today with a haunting and ethereal sound in the form of new single ‘Everything Must Die’. The song is about lovers reaching the point of no return, where everything must simply just die.

Since returning to Sweden from packed shows at Iceland Airwaves and the Reeperbahn Festival in 2019 (just before the pandemic broke loose) Pink Milk have been hard at work finishing their upcoming album ‘Ultraviolet’.

Pink Milk

New Music: I don’t speak french

Swedish outfit I don’t speak french craft a refreshingly original and wildly exciting sound that combines a multitude of genres together to create something unexpected and fun.

‘Skate in Barcelona’ is the story of a wannabe social influencer monster, much like the band’s own mascot ‘Bob’ the monster who tries desperately to build a facade of coolness. 

“No song should sound the same, I rather have the listener jump out of their seat than having to repeat myself”.

Members of the band can also be found in Stranded Mermaid, and Swedish Red Elephant (the alter-ego of Håkan Persson and Louise Lindenger), where they write, produce and collaborate with artist such as Lucas EstradaMatisse & Sadkofarfetch’d, Timmy Trumpet and more.

I don’t speak french

Rhys – Thanks a lot now I can’t smile

American-Swedish starlet Rhys returns today with a supreme sound that fuses pop and rock tones together in both a balanced and nostalgic way.

Taken from her next EP (due early next year), Thanks a lot now I can’t smile’ incorporates that style of early 00’s American punk-pop, which in many ways shaped Rhys while she was growing up in Portland.

“I was quite depressed for a year and felt incapable of socialising with others without killing the vibe. Walked around thinking ‘well, I’m gonna feel this bad forever, thanks a lot! When being in the middle of it, it was hard to see it, but in retrospect it was sick liberating to write a sarcastic song about that time.”


Hannes – I Feel It

Swedish alternative RnB artist Hannes releases his debut EP today, and along with it comes a spectacular new single.

Stylistically taking inspiration from high school marching bands, ‘I Feel It’ was written about the journey of being heartbroken, while at the same time being on the way to something new.

“It’s about that first moment when you realise that everything might actually work itself out for the better in the end. The first feeling of hope after a harsh heartbreak.”

The debut EP ‘When the City Sleeps’ is out now.


Gryffin + LOVA – Piece Of Me

LA-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Gryffin has teamed up with Swedish artist LOVA to create one of the biggest dance bops of the month so far, showcasing these two pop talents at their finest.

Harnessing the dance-pop sound that Gryffin is rapidly making his own, ‘Piece Of Me’ blends euphoric piano chords, uplifting horns and LOVA’s mesmerising, pitch-perfect vocals. 

Gryffin | LOVA

Teddy Failure – Pure (feat. ELIO)

Consisting of two highly requested writing & producing talents known as TeoFrans, it’s little surprise that Swedish project Teddy Failure crafts supreme sounds that are immediately captivating to any listener.

As a production duo, TeoFrans have collaborated with some of the most exciting new talents to emerge recently, including LOVA, Naaz, Bearson, Rhys, Felix Sandman and Eli.

Their new single ‘Pure’ conjures a sense of teenage apathy, with killer lyrics like ‘We mix vodka with fire’ luring you in. But keep listening until the end, when the track’s live-fast-die-young naivety reaches a cathartic conclusion thanks to ELIO’s beautifully moving vocals.

Teddy Failure

Julia Viktoria – Complicated

Serving us melancholy electro-pop bangers the way only Swedes can, today sees the release of Julia Viktoria’s new single, ‘Complicated’.

This is a weekend-ready bop that describes the complications of searching for love, while still carrying lots of emotional baggage at the same time.

“Life is often complicated; in relation to others but also to yourself and your own feelings. It is easy to rethink, cancel dates and meetings, doubt yourself, doubt your own ability and send out mixed messages.”

Julia Viktoria

Rasmus Hagen + Maxine – Learn To Love

No stranger to the music business, Rasmus Hagen is already a platinum selling singer/ songwriter and producer from Stockholm.

With over 120 million streams on Spotify alone, Hagen was the featured singer on John De Sohn’s hit single ‘Love You Better’, while also working alongside a roster of talents like Andrelli, Urban Contact and iamsimon.

Written with Alfitude favourite Aron Blom, ‘Learn to Love’ features the vocals of emerging Dutch artist Maxine and touches on tearing down emotional walls built from a previous relationship, slowly opening up to giving and receiving love again.

Rasmus Hagen | Maxine