New Music: Oldboy

A charming indie-pop sound from newcomer Oldboy. This Swedish artist crafts a style of music-making that feels nostalgic and familiar, all the while incorporating a more experimental twist that gives the sound some refreshing eccentricity.


‘Tempelhof.’ also features Paulina Palmgren.

New Music: INA IVY

With a uniquely distinctive vocal tone and an ability to create infectiously catchy pop melodies, INA IVY is a new force to be reckoned with.

”This song is about when people are trying to make you feel beneath them in everyday life but where they can’t get to you because you know your own worth. For example, a clerk in an upscale boutique maybe treats you like a bum, assuming you’re only browsing since everything according to them is way too pricey for your looks not knowing that you are the pricey piece in the store.” 


Ulrik Munther – Stay Awake

I first featured Swedish artist Ulrik Munther back in 2011, when the then-teenager was just starting out on what has ultimately became quite the career.

Having achieved viral fame with his cover of Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ and competing at Melodifestivalen, Munther released three albums that all charted top-five in his native homeland.

Now he’s back with the beautifully sincere ‘Stay Awake’, a subtle fusion of indie and pop that feels deeply emotive and endearing.

“What I want to say most with this music is probably, be yourself and be honest. To think about things a little more.”

Taken from the album ‘Put Your Self Out There’ which is out now.

Ulrik Munther

New Music: Hugo Andersson

Sweden really is delivering some outstanding pop artists so far this year, with Hugo Andersson being another fantastic talent to emerge from the Nordic nation. A power-pop anthem with an infectiously catchy chorus, ‘Easier’ is all about that terrible feeling that comes to you after a breakup; when the person you’re used to talking to about everything isn’t that person anymore.

“I received a DM on Instagram from the songwriter and producer Isac Halldin after my debut release ‘Eleven’. Isac invited me and my companion, Rasmus Gustafsson, to come to his studio to write with him. Weeks after that we all met up and wrote ‘Easier’ that day, and after just one day it felt like we’ve known each other for years.”

Hugo Andersson

New Music: Julia Alfrida

It’s already been a busy year for Stockholm talent Julia Alfrida, having just recently competed at this year’s Melodifestivalen (Sweden’s biggest music competition) with the equally impressive song Rich.

‘GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS’ is a Scandinavian pop banger in every sense; this is the kind of track that commands you to get up and dance your ass off!

Julia Alfrida

Noomi – Free At Least

Sublimely mesmerising and dreamy vibes from Swedish newcomer Noomi. This is the second single to drop from her upcoming debut EP ‘Life Aqua’, which is set for release on 21st May 2021. On the song, Noomi says:

“It’s an emotional tug-of-war between letting in or pushing away, between wanting to but not daring to, of that very first time you really let down your guard for someone and you share those amazingly intense, but somewhat claustrophobic first 24 hours like inside a cocoon breathing the same air in and out until you’re all intertwined. In true self sabotage manner you open windows for your fires just to see how long someone can still breathe inside there or if they’re getting choked by the fumes. It’s not me being scared about getting hurt, but rather that I will be the one who hurts, which always has and still continues to worry me a lot.” 


New Music: Kristofer Greczula

Citing Prince and Bowie as two inspirations, Kristofer Greczula’s sound feels nostalgic yet future-forward in equal measures.

‘Leaving You For Another’ was a song written about and for his brother – the two had drifted apart for two years prior, but have since found their way back to each other.

“He cried the first time he heard it. That felt like a confirmation that I was on the right track. If I write songs that touch me, chances are they will also touch other people.”

Kristofer Greczula

Maia Wright – Break Her Heart

An infectiously catchy bop from one of Sweden’s most exciting prospects. Maia Wright has already garnered over 300 million streams just as a songwriter and feature artist, so it really is only a matter of time before this mega-talent establishes a solo name for herself.

Maia Wright

New Music: Hanna Mel

Swedish talent Hannah Mel brings a dark, almost haunting approach to electro-pop that is completely engrossing. Subdued yet intense, her sound feels atmospheric and cinematic while still easy to connect with.

“‘Shy or Something’ is about two introverts having a crush on one another. Each too shy to admit it, and the frustration that it brings. I am a very introverted person myself, who easily gets quiet around large groups of new people. With this song, I wanted to play with the difference between being introverted or shy. Even though people might perceive them as the same thing – they feel totally different from within.”

Taken from the upcoming EP, scheduled for release later this autumn.

Hanna Mel

Molly Hammar – FRIENDS

I’ve made no secret of the fact that Molly Hammar is one of my favourite Swedish talents from recent years. The winner of last year’s ‘Breakthrough of the Year’ at the coveted Swedish awards Rockbjörnen, she returns with the sensational ‘Friends’ today.

A finessed slice of RnB-pop infused with hints of soul, Hammar delivers a song that looks at a common situation most of us have fallen into:

“‘Friends’ is about not wanting to feel lonely and romanticising a friendship that shouldn’t be any more than that, just because you don’t want to feel alone. Sometimes it is just better to accept people and relationships for what they are and move on.”

Taken from the sophomore EP, ‘God Is lonely Too’ which is out now via Cosmos Music.

Molly Hammar

New Music: UNDREAM

While still a relatively new talent, Swedish producer UNDREAM has already amassed over 2.5 million streams on Spotify alone from previous releases.

With TIMMS on vocals, ‘Chemical X’ is a dark (almost sinister) sound that feels ambient and atmospheric, formed through a masterfully intricate production that cements UNDREAM’s name as one to watch.

“A lot of the time I get inspired by what I can’t explain with words or something that is out of my understanding. Abstract imagery and unexplainable situations are things that inspire most of my sounds”


New Music: Cohle

Another week, another outstanding Swedish talent to share with you! This time it’s Stockholm-based artist Cohle.

Drawing inspiration from modern-day legends such as Seinabo Sey, NAO and Emilie Nicolas, Cohle creates a refined fusion of dance-pop and RnB, laden with catchy melodies and sleek vocals.

‘Let Me In’ all about waiting too long on someone to make a decision and to get their act together; asking them to communicate their feelings and make their mind up.


NEIMY – Trust your gut

If you feel that NEIMY’s voice is familiar, then it’s probably because she was the vocalist on Jubël’s huge hit ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ which became a global mega-success in the summer of 2018 (to date it’s been streamed over 180 million times).

Now she’s back with her own solo material, and it’s as premium as you can expect for Swedish pop. It’s bold yet relatable while also being empowering yet vulnerable.

“’Trust your gut’ is about someone who’s always going against their gut feeling and realising that they need to start trusting their intuition more. To not do what doesn’t feel right and how empowering it feels to let go of things that weigh you down.”

Taken from the new EP ‘Trust your gut’ which is out now.


New Music: Lars Martin

A hugely promising talent hailing from Sweden, Lars Martin’s approach to music-making is quite extraordinary.

Through ‘Plans’, the listener experiences a beautifully arranged blend of soul and RnB, twisted and shaped with an alternative edge to create something that feels nostalgic yet experimental and a little quirky.

 “I write songs about life, love and overcoming myself in order to be more myself.”

Lars Martin

New Music: Noomi

Another week and another sensational Swedish talent. This time it’s Stockholm-born songwriter and producer Noomi, with her debut release ‘Ride’.

The track seems to blend future-forward electronic pop with 90’s inspired RnB beats, forming a sound that feels refreshingly original yet also familiar. Matched with airy vocals gliding over a smooth melody, I’m quite certain you’ll fall in love with Noomi just as hard as I have when you press play.


Chris Tall – Dancin’ Alive

Swedish DJ Chris Tall returns today with his sixth release, ‘Dancin’ Alive’. Featuring the vocals of MLK, this is a perfected fusion of disco, electronica and pop that gives us an essence of empowered sensuality in the form of retro-futurism.

“‘Dancin’ Alive’s’ message is to never give up on that feeling of losing yourself to the music and dance yourself away into happiness.”

Chris Tall

Luminous Kid – Mountain Crystals (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)

Featuring a spoken word appearance from 4-time Grammy nominee Phoebe Bridgers, today sees the return of multi-talented Swedish creative Luminous Kid (Olof Grind) with the release of new single ‘Mountain Crystals’.

The pair first became acquainted after Grind shot the cover to Bridgers’ 2020 record ‘Punisher‘. As master of many arts, Luminous Kid is not only a pop singer and songwriter but also a photographer and visual artist. Together with his self-directed music videos, he aims to create a complete body of queer art with his portfolio of work.

“I think the more role models and queer experiences that exist in popular culture, the better. If a song or a work of art can make a sad and trapped young queer person feel better about themselves, then it is a step in the right direction.”

Taken from the new album ‘at the end of the dream’ which is due 23rd April 2021.

Luminous Kid | Phoebe Bridgers

Dear Sara – Do Better

One of my favourite Swedish talents so far this year, Dear Sara returns with a guitar-driven pop bop in the form of ‘Do Better’.

Featuring those distinctive vocals that float so effortlessly over an infectiously catchy melody, you’ll have this song playing in your head all weekend.

“Ever since I was little, I’ve had a very vivid imagination. I’ve always enjoyed writing and coming up with stories. ‘Do Better’ is not about anything I’ve experienced personally, but more of a ‘what if’ kind of thought experiment.”

Dear Sara

New Music: Cy

Stockholm-based songwriter Amanda Cygnaeus is already an established name within the industry, having worked behind the scenes with the likes of LÉON, Iggy Azalea, Paloma Faith, Soleima and Icona Pop. She was even even nominated for ‘Songwriter Of The Year’ by the Swedish Music Publishers Association in 2018.

Today marks her debut as a solo project with the launch of ‘My Name Next to Yours’ – a song that was written as a reminder to stop romanticising about an ex-girlfriend.

It’s an empowering indie-pop bop that acts as a call for self-respect after a breaking up, while also wondering if you’re the only one thinking about the past.

“I wrote it after my first real heartbreak, back when me and my ex-girlfriend broke up. I have a tendency to either romanticise the past or worry about the future, so this was a way of reminding myself of what the relationship was really like and the fact that she ditched me. Kind of ‘how dare you?’ but at the same time feeling okay cause you know that you just weren’t right for each other. I had built up those emotions for a while, so the song literally flew out of me.”


Vola Tila – Not Your Fault

Swedish indie-pop duo Vola Tila’s distinctive blend of indie and pop-rock features haunting vocals and hazy atmospherics that culminate in huge swathes of emotion.

New single ‘Not Your Fault’ looks at the their thoughts on the concept of time, and being stuck in a desire for something else.

“We know that the present is the only thing we have. Despite this, the future has had a great impact on us, and we have many times been stuck in a desire for something else, looking for something that does not exist. We processed a lot of this when we wrote the album. But we both realised somewhere along the way that we could not find what we were looking for until we stopped looking.”

Taken from the debut album ‘Soon’ which is out now.

Vola Tila