Loreen – Tattoo

Swedish pop trailblazer Loreen is not only a household name all across the Nordic region, but she’s also been revered by Eurovision fans globally following her iconic win at the contest in 2012 with ‘Euphoria’.

Loreen is back again to represent Sweden this year with a new song and performance that is nothing short of spectacular. So much so, that she’s already been tipped for a landslide win by the prediction polls. Written by the same people behind ‘Euphoria’, new song ‘Tattoo’ is exactly as you’d expect from this visionary artist.

This is a sound that is intense, dark and atmospheric, but also maintains a strong pop sensibility. Alongside the music is the performance, which as you can see from the video above, is flawlessly presented.

So whether you love Eurovision or not – be sure to tune in on the 9th May when Loreen competes in the first semi final.


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New Music: Julia Alfrida

It’s already been a busy year for Stockholm talent Julia Alfrida, having just recently competed at this year’s Melodifestivalen (Sweden’s biggest music competition) with the equally impressive song Rich.

‘GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS’ is a Scandinavian pop banger in every sense; this is the kind of track that commands you to get up and dance your ass off!

Julia Alfrida

Watch: Eric Saade – Every Minute

I’ve often featured talent from Sweden’s most-watched television event, Melodifestivalen. You’ll be hard pressed to find a famous pop artist from the Nordic nation not to have been involved with the competition at some point in their career. It runs for six weeks and acts as a process to select country’s Eurovision entry.

This year saw the return of the hugely popular Eric Saade – one of the biggest names in Swedish pop from the last decade. And while he was declared as the runner-up eventually, he delivered one of the most experimental and avant-garde performances ever to be seen on the show’s 62-year old history.

Anna Bergendahl – Thelma And Louise

Swedish country-pop icon Anna Bergendahl comes back today with a luxuriously crafted song that is almost impossible not to enjoy.

The track ponders on life and how we should experience it, to go and do things before it’s too late and we regret the missed chances.

Anna Bergendahl

Watch: Paul Rey – Talking in My Sleep

“I wrote it from my personal experience from working a lot in the States and being apart from my then girlfriend, but now wife. It’s inspired by the feelings that come from spending a lot of time away from each other and waking up each morning without another day seeing her.”

Paul Rey

These songs have made Eurovision relevant again this year…

It’s the start of Eurovision week (i.e. the world’s biggest music show), and for someone who follows the show for the fun rather than the music, this year I’ve been surprised by the number of countries submitting songs that could easily be on radio playlists.

Here’s some which have stood out to me – and as it happens, these are the main favourites to win…. Maybe Eurovision is starting to push for more current sounds again?

Duncan Lawrence – Netherlands (intense, minimal ballad with haunting elements).

Mahmood – Italy (my personal favourite this year from a talent who was featured in the past, this is punchy pop with angst).

Katerine Duska – Greece (the most beautifully melodic indie pop, along the lines of Florence & The Machine with a distinctive vocal).

Conan Osiris – Portugal (the most conceptual and idiosyncratic song this year, this feels better suited to an art installation at Tate Modern than Eurovision).

Michela – Malta (if Dua Lipa had a go at Eurovision, this would absolutely be it).

Hatari – Iceland (this has caused the biggest reaction this year- nothing is off limits with this group… It’s a bold electro/ goth/ synth sound that makes an impact from the start)

John Lundvik – Sweden (gospel pop with a mildly euphoric edge).

Luca Hänni – Switzerland (this is your standard bubblegum pop with big beats and catchy hooks).

And to be honest there’s a few more, but head on over to Eurovision’s website to check them out.

The Semi Final’s are on Tuesday 14th and Thursday 16th May, with the Grand Final on Saturday 18th May. It’s broadcast across most countries globally, so check it out!

New Music: Bishara

One of the favourites to win Melodifestivalen 2019 later in March (Sweden’s biggest music competition), big things are sure for this 16-year old Swedish/ Syrian talent!


Watch: Lisa Ajax – Torn

Lisa Ajax performed this stunner of a song earlier tonight for the last of Melodifestivalen semi’s in Sweden (the winner eventually represents the country in Eurovision), and while it didn’t get an instant pass to the grand final, it’s unlikely it will.

I felt it really needed to be shared, because it’s a shame, and it’s just so beautiful.

Sweden’s entry for Eurovision this year is quite fantastic…

Sweden selected it’s entry for this year’s Eurovision last night. I think it was a well-deserved track. The production is just so slick – you wouldn’t think this was all done live!

Benjamin Ingrosso

New Music: Felix Sandman


Track of the week. This song was entered into Sweden’s Melodifestivalen this week and didn’t quite manage to get to the final (the winner represents the country at Eurovision). This was the performance…



I am stunned – this is by far superior to anything I’ve heard from Sweden in the way of ballads for quite some time.

There’s still a very slim chance of it winning, but in any case, it’s won me.


Compare and contrast… Scandi pop style…

Original: (Eric Saade)

Rework: (Sabina Ddumba)

Ummm… Amazing right? More re-works of Scandi hits here.


Watch: Ace Wilder – Don’t Worry


This has been one of the more talked-about entries on this year’s biggest music show in Sweden, Melodifestivalen. I’m a sucker for Ace Wilder. And those facial expressions are pure class!

Ace Wilder

New Music: Kristin Amparo

kristin amparo

Track of the week. This Swedish talent is still in the running for Melodifestivalen 2015 (Sweden’s selection to choose their entry for Eurovision).

If it wins, it could be one of the most current and well-composed songs to compete in the show this year. Check out here.

Watch: Ace Wilder ‘Busy Doin’ Nothin’

ace wilder busy

So few have songs caused a stir at the Swedish Eurovision heats as much as Ace Wilder’s entry, ‘Busy Doin Nothin’. Too current for Eurovision? Sweden doesn’t think so – it came second after losing to a standard ballad by just two points.

Its Melodifestivalen time!

melodifestivalen 2013

I am in Stockholm as we speak, at the Friends Arena because it’s the Melodifestivalen Final for 2013. The winning song tonight will go through to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest in May.

The show is Sweden’s biggest TV event, and always mixes established Swedish artists with newcomers. Generally the standard of entries is always pretty high (although this year has been a bit of a turbulent ride in my opinion).

I try and keep my Eurovision posts to a minimum on here because I know it’s not everyone’s flavour, but if you want to follow me on Twitter then I will be trying to tweet through the night. Or not. Depends how much Absolut I go through.

Follow me on Twitter right here, and wherever you are in the world, you can watch the show live and for free over on SVT’s website. The show starts at 20:00 Sweden Time. I promise you, you will never watch anything quite like it…

This is how the Swedes celebrate a win…

Check out the HUGE turnout for Loreen’s homecoming after winning Eurovision this year. Amazing!

The biggest song in Sweden right now…

This is Loreen, singing Euphoria. She won Melodifestivalen over the weekend with this, and will therefore represent the song as Sweden’s entry for Eurovision this year. If you don’t know what Melodifestivalen is, it’s Sweden’s most watched show and is absolutely huge in every sense of the word. I went last year and it was simply mind blowing.

New Music: Coco

This lady used to be in a Swedish band called Love Generation who tried to get to this year’s Eurovision through RedOne (the chap that does Lady Gaga’s tracks). They didn’t manage it, and Coco decided to leave and launch her own career. This is the first single. Check out here.