Make your own Northern Lights!

So this doesn’t really have anything to do with music but I thought it was so cool I had to post it on here. Visit Norway have put up this amazing game where you create and record your own Northern Lights. It’s so much fun. Norway rocks! Check it out here.

I hate to admit it but…

… this is actually a really good single. I was always on Team Olly, but this is probably the best ‘debut’ song from any of the X Factor winners previous (bar Leona Lewis!). But then, he is sort of cheating because ‘Ambitions’ is a cover, originally recorded by Norwegian band Donkeyboy.

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Norway My Way

This is really sad but if you like, you can vote for my entry in the Norway Your Way competition- basically people upload stuff that is inspired by Norway. I love the place, and if I win then I get to go there on a funky ass holiday. Not sure if my entry (above) is up to scratch, but I can dream! Click here to vote! Thanks!

Jeg skal til Norge

I will be in Oslo, Norway, for the weekend so I don’t think I’ll be able to post anything up in that time… First holiday abroad in 5 years! Anyone else going to the Eurovision Song Contest?