New Music: Alfie Neale

It’s not every day that we come across a talent who shares our name, so we’re quite stoked to introduce to you British singer-songwriter Alfie Neale.

This Brighton-based talent cites three particular records as the inspiration to his style of songwriting – Jack Johnson’s ‘In Between Dreams’, Fatboy Slim’s ‘You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby’ and Demon Days by Gorillaz.

Created alongside frequent collaborators Evil Genius, Alfie’s new single ‘Uptight’ was written in Dorset, and treats listeners to an infectiously catchy slice of guitar-driven pop. It’s the kind of understated bop that you’ll find yourself listening to on-repeat all through the summer.

The artist is currently on a mission to build enough momentum so that he can sell-out a large music venue – but not for the reasons you might expect…

“One of my best mates from Dorset, Cam, shook my hand and said as soon as I can sell-out a 1000 capacity venue he’ll get my logo (Alfie’s initials) tattooed on his leg. I have video evidence and a lot of people have seen it now – he’ll stick to his word so that’s my motivation for now haha! Also the unforgiving yearning to make it doing what I love to do more than anything, but mostly for the tattoo.”

Alfie Neale

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