FERGUS – Fight Forever

Acclaimed rising artist FERGUS unveils his debut album today, alongside new single ‘Fight Forever’.

Deceptively simple in its sound, the song delivers a melodic approach to alternative pop that is both intriguing and refreshing to experience.

“‘Fight Forever’ started as a fun song I made when a brief came through to soundtrack an ‘ironic fight scene’. I wrote a song about two people falling in love whilst having a physical fight. Although I didn’t get the job, I really loved the chorus of the song! So, I rewrote the verses to be less comedic and more dramatic, then added some context in the middle to keep it personal.”

 Debut album ‘Love Upside Down’ is out now via Goldun Egg 


FERGUS – More Than I Deserve (Acoustic)

London based singer-songwriter FERGUS releases a gorgeously stripped-back version of his latest single ‘More Than I Deserve’.

This acoustic edit serves as a reminder of FERGUS raw talent as an instinctive singer and musician; the song’s evocative soundscape is created solely by his emotive vocals and a guitar.

“‘More Than I Deserve’ was born out of conflict in a relationship. I wanted to convey that restless angst of turning things over and over in your mind, trying to find a way through that conflict. It’s a song about commitment and persevering, even though it hurts. So, although it sounds dark and painful, really, it’s a message of dedication and hope. A declaration of love.”

FERGUS continues to garner traction across the UK, with recent support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, 6 Music, Radio X, Clash, HUNGER, Wonderland and Atwood.


New Music: FERGUS

A beautifully introspective sound from a London-based talent that flirts between being melancholy and powerfully emotive.

“I wrote ‘Enough for You’ when I was feeling desperate after the same old fight with a mean drunk. I felt like I was trying really hard to be who they wanted me to be and make it work, but I kept getting shot down. It was one-sided and it hurt me more each time because only I remembered why. ‘Enough for You’ provides the context and sets the scene for all the songs so far this year, and the story is told in the order they were released.”