Floyd Fuji – TONGUE TIED

Few artists are as capable of maintaining a consistently high standard of releases as LA-based polymath Floyd Fuji.

Latest release ‘TONGUE TIED’ continues to showcase this talent’s impeccable musical artistry, and was inspired by the feelings that we all shared while we were stuck in lockdown last year.

“This song was written during the first Covid lockdown here in LA. I was already fantasising what it would feel like to finally leave my house. We were stuck inside for so long. I almost forgot how to walk, let alone talk and meet new people. Everyday I’m still trying to poke holes in this bubble I built around myself. Though things in the world are still a bit shaky, I hope this track makes you dance around and momentarily release the worries of the world around you.”

The song further propels this rising musician’s momentum, and follows his acclaimed collaboration with Topaz Jones the song ‘BREADWINNER’.

Floyd Fuji

Floyd Fuji – BREADWINNER (feat. Topaz Jones)

One of the finest rising musicians to emerge from LA in quite some time, Floyd Fuji returns with another finessed release – as has come to be expected from this Virginia-born artist.

Featuring the talents of Topaz Jones, ‘Breadwinner’ showcases a perfected blend of nostalgic soul, R&B and alternative pop, with lyrics that reflect our modern-day perceptions of ambition and success.

“‘Breadwinner’ is a song about the toxicities of dating in the 21st century. Everyone wants to just feel wanted and needed, but sometimes we get in our own way; projecting an exaggerated version of ourselves to fit a description and be better than it.”

To date, Floyd Fuji has been featured by NPR and BBC Radio 1xtra amongst others, while also working alongside the likes of Anderson .Paak and Babyface.

Floyd Fuji | Topaz Jones

Floyd Fuji – INSIDE

Floyd Fuji’s ‘INSIDE’ meets at the intersection of nostalgia and futurism perfectly. With its dreamy and soulful tones, this is a song that immediately casts a love spell on any listener.

Born in Virginia and residing in Los Angeles, Floyd Fuji has already performed in the house band for Kanye West’s Sunday Service and also collaborated in sessions with the likes of Anderson .Paak and Babyface.

Floyd Fuji