New Music: Friends of Friends

Photo / Dom Gould

Kicking off the weekend with some outstanding Australian talent. Praised by the likes of Triple J, Brisbane’s Friends of Friends construct a vibrant sound that fuses indie-pop with alternative rock, while also drawing on the influences of British hard-house and drum and bass.

“This track is my absolute favourite. The lyrics are a series of memories I have about going out to raves and house parties only to end up staring into the bathroom mirror halfway through the night, wondering why I went out. I struggle with derealisation, especially in busy environments like parties, and I often feel as though I’m stuck watching myself in third person and can’t switch off the autopilot. This track is a little dark and cathartic at times, but ultimately it’s a tongue-in-cheek take on wanting to stay home and instead finding yourself asking pointless metaphysical questions at a party you’ve begrudgingly gone to.”

Friends of Friends