New Music: Genuardi

Sometimes the best music an artist can make is that which serves as a form of therapy. Case in point is emerging New York rapper, singer-songwriter and producer Genuardi.

Created with Kenny Lehman, ‘letter from orpheus’ is one of the most impressive releases that I have come across this month. This is a deeply moving piece that fuses alternative R&B with hip hop in an exceptionally thoughtful and heartfelt way.

“Right before COVID hit in 2020 I lost my father which affected me and opened my eyes to what’s important in life. I started questioning the choices I’ve made in life but accompanied by heavy drinking and getting high. I was anti-social, and just trying to numb myself and quarantine definitely wasn’t helping. After realising I wasn’t helping myself I tried turning things around and trying to make pops proud. Lyrically this song is about not letting life beat you up and the responsibility of overcoming adversity to become the best version of yourself.”