New Music: Hana Lili

Hana Lili is a Welsh-born and London-based artist who’s debut ‘Stay’ is genuinely one of the most emotional songs that I have come across so far this week.

Entirely self-written and produced, the track is a gentle and dreamy introduction to the 21-year old’s sonic world, fusing intimate and confessional lyrics over a beautiful bedroom-pop production.

“I tend to gravitate towards writing songs about personal situations that are happening in my life. ‘Stay’ comes from a place of vulnerability and the need to be completely honest, something I find difficult to do in conversations in real life. As an artist, lockdown allowed me to go back to basics, just writing songs and submerging myself in the purity of the process. Not having to focus on anything else associated with music helped me to discover the songs I wanted to create and produce.”

Hana Lili