New Music: Harrison Lipton

Brooklyn-based talent Harrison Lipton is a 26-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer who has blended soul, funk and pop (with subtle hints of disco) into infectiously memorable pieces of music.

This song looks at that inescapable feeling you have inside you sometimes when you know that whatever magic you have with someone you care for is likely to fade away.

“Toward the end of a short-lived, cinematic situationship, I could feel us slipping apart even though it hadn’t become fully apparent yet. When I was with them, I’d feel intoxicated and overcome with happiness. We’d say sweet nothings to each other, but still, both of us knew it was going to end. I’d stay up till 6-7am with friends partying just to push it away, but the fear of the connection ending loomed over me.”

Harrison Lipton