New Music: Honeysucker

Honeysucker is the new musical project of American indie-pop artists Jack Brickner and Sam Wright.

Inspired by the likes of Hall and Oates and Bobby Caldwell, this promising duo construct a distinct style of sound that somehow feels timelessly classic yet also fresh and edgy in tone.

New single ‘Honeydeux’ serves as a perfect introduction to the band’s sound. Self-described as ‘Yacht Rock meets Brit Pop’, this song is likely to become one of your favourite indie anthems of the autumn.

“This song is about Tonya. At least I think her name is Tonya. I never got her name but she looked like a Tonya to me. She had a chocolate brown pixie cut and bright red lipstick with a platinum earring in one ear and a gold one in the other. She was dancing with a leather jacket tied around her waist and a vodka soda nestled in her palm (I’m guessing it was a vodka soda because everyone was drinking those at the time, I still don’t know why, they objectively taste like shit).

I watched her sashay past me, leaving behind a tantalising trace of that instantly recognizable scent, Honeydeux. The unmistakeable French perfume lingered for a few seconds before fusing into the communal musk. She weaved through the crowd, eventually settling into a spot on the dance floor among three or four friends. She swayed gracefully but with intention, translating each note, beat and line into a moving picture without spilling one drop of that preposturous clear concoction they call a cocktail.

And then there was me. Tipsy, coming down off E. I tossed a few fake glances around the room to see if I could catch her glancing my way from the corner of my eye. No dice. Unfortunate but so it goes. I still had a pretty good night all things considered.

Anyway, this song’s about Tonya. I hope she’s doing well.”

Honeysucker are currently working on more new music, while also performing at venues across New York with fellow musicians Zach Kornhauser and Gavi Kutliroff.


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