Interview: Quickfire with House Of Spirituals

house of spirituals

After featuring these guys only last week, I liked House Of Spirituals so much that I sent through some questions to find out more…

Your track, ‘Too Many Days’ has just been out for a month. What’s been the response like so far?

It’s been amazing, people have totally got our vibe which we weren’t expecting and some of the things people have said have been mind blowing to us.

How do you describe your sound?

Primal, ancient and future soul.

How did you get together?

We met each other through a mutual friend who told us we both had similar stories of surviving a near-death experience. So we both had developed a new found sense in the value of life as neither of us were meant to have survived.

We realised this thing we had in common was worth exploring and our first track was finished in 3 hours . So much to our amazement the house of spirituals was born!

Who would be your dream collaboration be with?

We will love to get Caribou and Charles Bradley in the same room as us, that could end up with something that’s insanely soulful or a total mess, who knows.

What have you got planned for the coming year?

As well as releasing another track and a video for “Too Many Days’ we are currently finishing our debut album working doing through the night “Brass and Chain Gang” sessions we are also getting to grips of putting our live show together.