Indigo Eyes – The Walls Are Way Too Thin (Holly Humberstone Cover)

Marking one of the rare occasions in which he lends his own vocals to a song, Indigo Eyes is back today with a reworking of Holly Humberstone’s ‘The Walls Are Way Too Thin’ that sees him completely transform the indie-pop gem.

“I never thought I’d cover someone else’s song, especially since I’ve been solely a producer and haven’t ventured into singing before. However, I was completely in awe when I heard the original from Holly, the song resonated with me hugely and I became obsessed with how personal the lyrics felt. I wanted to recreate the track in my own style, with a kind of late night, comforting feel to it. It started out as a bit of an experiment over a few days, where I tried out using my own voice over this warm, soft production, as it’s something I’d never done before, but became something I really loved. This sound marks a new kind of direction for my music, one which you’ll be hearing a lot of over the next few months.”

Indigo Eyes | Holly Humberstone

Indigo Eyes + Georgie O’Brien – One More Night

With a perfect blend of sleek, soulful disco and smooth vocals, ‘One More Night’ is the kind of collaboration I live for.

“‘One More Night’ is a disco and house infused song for the summer! As there’s likely no travelling again this year I thought I’d make something I could live vicariously through, with it being something I felt like you could shout in a sweaty nightclub on a holiday abroad. I wrote the lyrics about an ex begging for ‘one more’ chance and being put in their place amidst a heated argument on a night out, which I sent over to Georgie who lent her incredible vocal talent to the track to tie it all together!” – Indigo Eyes

Indigo Eyes has been an Alfitude favourite for some time now, and this release is further proof that the kid is the real deal; his work so far has already garnered support from the likes of This Song Is Sick, Wonderland and Spotify’s New Music Friday Germany.

Indigo Eyes | Georgie O’Brien

Indigo Eyes – Where Were You

London-based producer Indigo Eyes consistently exceeds expectations with every release.

‘Where Were You’ is a beautifully melodic song that explores deep house elements through an entrancing soundscape that feels spellbindingly hypnotic.

“Over the winter period this year I got really into deep house, likely because I was missing clubbing, but also because it weirdly helped me study for my exams, which definitely inspired this track a huge amount. I had it in an almost finished state for months with the feeling it needed just one more thing but I couldn’t put my finger on it, then one day I went to my piano and played the melody you hear half way through the track in one take and I knew that’s what I was looking for!”

Indigo Eyes

Indigo Eyes – Jaded (with Georgie O’Brien)

The exceptionally talented producer returns with a stunning slice of finessed disco that feels both ethereal and dreamy. Taken from the new EP ‘Close To You’, which is out on 4th December.

“‘Jaded’ is definitely the most club-ready track off of the EP. It’s the embodiment of everything I love about the more experimental side of house music, which is exactly what I set out to create when I sat down to write it.”

Indigo Eyes | Georgie O’Brien

New Music: Indigo Eyes

If you’re a fan of AlunaGeorge and Disclosure then you’ll pretty much fall in love with this new London-based electronic talent.

At just 19 years old, Indigo Eyes has seemingly mastered a unique approach to chilled Balearic style house-pop. His talent even caught the attention of SG Lewis earlier this summer, who went on to showcase some early demos of his music to a live audience on Instagram.

“Lyrically, the track is an attempt to capture the feeling at the beginning of a relationship where you’re both starting to trust the other person but are still unsure about their intentions, leaving both of you hesitant to fully commit to one another.”

The debut EP ‘Close To You’ is due out shortly.

Indigo Eyes