New Music: Jaws the Shark

A relatively new talent, Jaws the Shark was formed by Olly Bailey in the spring 2020 after escaping London and moving to the Devon countryside.

This is emerging British indie rock at it’s finest; a lo-fi audible feast that is immediately arresting with it’s sense of raw energy and vivid lyricism.

“I had this recurring dream where I’m in a big house, with a wooden spiral staircase that leads nowhere, and this demon-like thing forces me to sing at its request. It scared the sh*t out of me and I would wake in a sweat. The line: ‘Like a rudderless ship, you’re sinking, stuck inside your own head’, is a reference to the fact that with this being a dream and being asleep, you’re defenceless and at the mercy of the dream itself, it just has to play out until you wake up.”

Jaws the Shark