Jaya Bremer – Apartment 4

One of the most charming releases of the week comes courtesy of Canadian starlet Jaya Bremer, with her new single ‘Apartment 4’.

Co-produced by Austin Tufts from Braids, the track presents us with a cozy and dreamy mix of electronic indie and pop. Lyrically, the song was inspired by an emotional evening that the artist experienced while she was preparing to leave a home that she loved dearly.

“I went through a long drawn out reno-viction and was forced to leave an apartment that I had lived in and loved for four years. I wrote this song on my last night there, as a love letter and a goodbye. I wrote the song to the apartment as though it were a living being, which in a way, my grief around the loss of it felt akin to. I felt acutely aware that it was the end of an era, and I was already mourning it. It’s a tribute to an apartment that felt like a living entity.”

Bremer has long been associated with the music scene in Victoria, British Columbia. Aside from her work as a soloist, Jaya has also been involved in various other outfits that include local indie-rock heroes Wise Child.

Jaya Bremer