New Music: Jillian Lake

Hailing from Vancouver, indie artist Jillian Lake creates heartfelt songs that blend vivid lyricism with beautifully constructed melodies.

While on the surface Lake’s sound feels stripped-down and simple in tone, each song’s intimacy transports you into her own world of sweet sorrow in a way that will make you want to take your broken heart out dancing.

“This song is one of my earliest, when I first started spewing my feelings into songs. Back when I loved swimming in my heartache and indulging in overthinking every moment once had. Without holding back or diving in metaphorics, I just poured my heart out onto the page – a messy and mumbling depiction of every feeling I was feeling as I felt it.” 

Taken from the upcoming debut album, which is set to be out in early 2022.

Jillian Lake