JMSEY – First Time

Alt-pop artist JMSEY unveils one of his most vulnerable tracks to date, entitled ‘First Time’.

Released during AAPI Month, the song explores his personal experience as an Asian American male, and how the media’s portrayal of Asian men affected the way he was treated by others while growing up.

Is it in my mind, don’t know if it’s not, Is it because of my eyes? You’re thinking too much ~ First Time


JMSEY – InstaHam

Los Angeles-based alt-pop artist JMSEY returns with an absolute showstopper of a release today, in the form of new single ‘InstaHam’.

This bold track blends chaotic punk riffs with catchy pop melodies, all the while still maintaining that distinctive JMSEY signature sound.

“What dya think of my lips, my face my perfect place… Do I look worth a mil? Would you please spare, a follow, reshare …let’s start paying bills” ~ InstaHam


JMSEY – Sunny Days

One of the catchiest bops of the week come courtesy of alt-pop artist JMSEY (who’s also one sixth of the beloved Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers).

Inspired by the nostalgia bred out of quarantine, ‘Sunny Days’ is a summertime anthem that pines to the times when things were less stressful, and it was safe to hang out with friends until the sun came up.