Julien Chang – Marmalade

Photo / Layla Ku

Hailing from Baltimore is rising artist Julien Chang. Releasing music since 2019, this talent creates work that is sonically elegant and lyrically meaningful.

A case in point is Chang’s new single, entitled ‘Marmalade’. Fusing elements of lo-fi, dreamy pop with guitar-driven indie tones, the song spotlights the ways in which our memories try to make sense of love.

“I think the point is that memory runs up against certain limits in sense-making and then has to start relying on fictions. I wrote ‘Marmalade’ at a time in which this feeling of passionate regret had just finished transforming into something domesticated, incorporated, and basically mundane–a part of everyday life, something that pops up in the mind from time to time and causes me to scrunch my nose.

Already garnering praise from the likes of The Guardian, NME and Fader, Chang is not only a tastemaker’s favourite, but also a promising mainstream prospect.

Julien Chang

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