KRYSTOF – Built For This

We’ve been following Carinthian singer and songwriter KRYSTOF for quite some time. While still in his early 20’s, this talent has already marked himself as one of Europe’s newest music prospects, amassing more than five million career streams to date.

‘Built For This’ presents us with introspective, yet relatable lyrics. Based on the notion of whether some of us are actually built for love, the words of the song focus on an issue that is not often covered in pop music.

“‘Built For This’ is one of my most personal songs. Love is a hard pill to swallow. When you go through a lot of heartbreaks, you start wondering if it’s ever going to work out or not. This song is a captured moment of me questioning If I was even built for LOVE – Loving myself or another person.”

Despite its recent release, the song has already found its way onto flagship playlists like Spotify’s Fresh Finds, consequently amassing thousands of streams.


New Music: KRYSTOF

Emerging from Austria is hugely promising pop newcomer KRYSTOF, whose polished and melodic approach to music-making has recently seen him sign to Viennese label Global Rockstar.

Inspired by a break-up, ‘Head and Heart’ is a perfect pop bop for the weekend ahead that looks at the conflicts we all have between our minds and emotions from overthinking.

“‘Head and Heart’ was written at Global Rockstar’s last songwriting camp. We talked about my breakup which I went through at that time and decided to put that feeling into a song. My Head always told me to leave it behind and get over it, as I noticed, they were giving up while I was giving more – but my heart wouldn’t let me… I’ve always been in my head too much, overthinking it all. A reason why most relationships probably end. Based on this I named my failed relationship ,’Head and Heart’ and put it into this song. A song about overthinking in general and a heartfelt true story, about my breakup.”


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