KYTES – bumblin

Starting the new week with a wildly infectious bop from Munich based indie-pop quartet KYTES.

Following on from previous release ‘the beat is on hold’, the band continue their message of positivity through vibrant lyricism and a breezy melody on new single ‘bumblin’.

“In challenging times we ask ourselves how to cope with life. Our answer is ‘bumblin’ through our lives, forever and a day this song is a groovy, easygoing and joyful tune. We try to live in the here and now, a lot of times without a definite plan – just bumbling through our lives”.


KYTES – Runaway

“Runaway is the opening cut of our new record ‘good luck’.It is a very special song for us and we feel we’ve captured our live energy on record. In our generation chances are so plentiful, some of us are overwhelmed and think of running away. We’re not afraid while running away, instead, fascinated about our chance for a new start into the unknown.”