Music and stats… My two favourite things! best of 2013

I’m a sucker for stats. Excel plays a large part of my life. Because I’m a little geeky. Anyway, have worked up an amazing microsite here¬†with lots of figures on what people listened to most last year, broken down by country and type of artist.

I could spend all day on it. Heck, I might just do that. If you haven’t got installed, you really should. It’s what got me hooked on finding new artists in the first place.

Some Swedish tracks for a sunny Saturday

The weather in London has been psycho this week. Heavy rain on Thursday, and then clear sunshine yesterday and today. I had a bit of a blitz on my radio last night- if you don’t have a account you really should get one. It’s like iTunes’ Ping only ten times better. I’ve discovered so many artists through it. These three seem to have been around for a while in Sweden so just thought I’d share. They’re all a bit sombre with a bit of a pick up, but that’s sort of how I feel in bed today. You’ve got some Monty, Daniel Ray-Adams, and Albin Gromer.