Lawson Hull – Strange

Photo / Ashley Cooper

Australian indie-folk star Lawson Hull unveils a new single today, which was written while the world was still on lockdown.

‘Strange’ is a reflective track that focuses on themes like reinvention, personal growth and being fearful of failure.

Through its highly relatable lyricism, this song is sure to touch many hearts and minds who feel lost and uncertain of where life is leading them.

“The song came from the blur of songs written during COVID. Sometimes I wonder if the COVID songs will ever end. They’re like breakup songs from relationships from forever ago. ‘Strange’ is still eerily relevant and gets more so all the time.

During the height of the pandemic, I remember thinking this is as good a time as any to reinvent myself, do something else with my life, maybe take up new hobbies. Everyone was kind of neutralised and put on the same level in some ways. But by the time the world started opening up again, I felt like I wasn’t ready to be the ‘new’ me I was supposedly going to become. I hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary yet. What if I get out there and everything falls apart?”

The song has shifted meaning personally since that time. Sometimes if you’re lucky as a songwriter, you find yourself going through periods of time between meaningless casual jobs where you have solid blocks of time to write. If you’re unlucky during this time, sometimes the universe decides to not allow a single strand of creative DNA to grow inside your brain (don’t ask me about the science of this). When you don’t put your time to good use, you can get in a rut easily, watching YouTube and scrolling social media. You think, ‘I’ve got all this time’, but it creeps away on you. You eventually get into the habit of not wanting to leave the house or even hang out with friends. The thing is when you snap out of that frozen mind-frame and force yourself out the door, things feel normal again.”

Hull’s music has garnered support from heavyweight tastemakers like The Luna Collective, Ear To The Ground, MILKY and The Indie Machine. The artist currently commands more than 170k monthly listeners on Spotify, and has amassed more than 25 million career streams to date.

Lawson Hull