Free Download: Lectrolips ‘Resurrection’

I haven’t posted a ‘free download’ post in a while because all the stuff I was getting was pretty mediocre. But this is poptastic in every sense of the word. I previously featured these guys a while ago and they keep making good music, so I guess it’s a matter of time before they hit radio stations? Who knows? Click on the little down-arrow on the side of the Soundcloud to download.

Free Download: Lectrolips ‘Voyeur’

Head over to Lectrolips’ Soundcloud page here to download their new track ‘Voyeur’- it has the sickest bit of synth I’ve heard in a while. Excellent.

New Music: Lectrolips

Lectrolips make music which I can only sum up as cheeky electropop. It’s fun. Their song ‘Stromotion’ was recently used in the WAHL UK commercial campaign. I have a WAHL, without which I would probably look like a monster. So on that account, I reckon they’re good. They’ve got some good tracks which you can download for free here, or check out their blog.

MP3: Lectrolips – What We Came For