Lhasa Petik – Here and Gone

Multi-talented artist Lhasa Petik not only performed the vocals on new single ‘Here and Gone’ but also wrote, recorded and produced the song herself.

To date she’s accumulated well over a million streams with previous releases, and it’s clear why the world feels connected with this future star; her style of music is uniquely eclectic and totally captivating.

“When I was writing ‘Here and Gone’, there was a point where all of my insecurities and fears were coming true. As someone who always needs change and excitement, routine is one of my biggest fears, but being stuck at home has forced me to sit with my thoughts. I’ve had to take a step back and appreciate life and relationships for what they are without all the crazy parties and travelling. Instead of avoiding the lows or turning to vices to cope I’ve been forced to appreciate them for what they are.”

Lhasa Petik

Max Fry + Lhasa Petik – Take It Slow

“‘Take It Slow’ may seem like a plea to a lover upon first listen. However, it is actually a dialogue between Lhasa’s current and former self, following a whirlwind year of loving and letting go. It describes her thought process while letting go of a relationship that she struggled to move on from; ‘you were looking for a way out, I made you take the long route.'” – Max Fry

Max Fry | Lhasa Petik