Lila Drew – Bad Juice

Photo / Vincent Haycock

Lila Drew returns with a spellbinding new release that continues to showcase this singer and songwriter’s remarkable artistry.

Serving as a taster for an upcoming album, the song presents listeners with a dreamy twist on the indie-pop genre. Elaborating further on the song’s inspiration, Drew says:

“‘Bad Juice’ is really about trying to figure yourself out in a rapidly moving universe and trying to have some fun while doing so. This was one of the last songs I wrote for my upcoming album. A lot of the songs I wrote up until then were pretty introspective and serious, and I wanted to try something different. I was working with Matt Hales in Bath, England, and remember going into the studio thinking, ‘f*ck it, I’m going to make a song that is funny and sarcastic and ridiculous; a song that will lyrically make me laugh and that recognizes its lack of seriousness.’ I had just rewatched Kubrik’s adaptation of ‘The Shining’ and was imagining myself standing within those patterned hallways and trying to find a way out. It’s become such a special song for me because it really was the first time I let go of all the seriousness and focused on just enjoying making music — it’s easy to lose sight of that.”

To date, this rising talent has accumulated well over 17 million streams on Spotify, with her GoldLink collaboration ‘faded/2am’ garnering close to 10 million streams alone.

Lila Drew

Lila Drew – 2023

London-born singer and songwriter Lila Drew is back with a captivating modern pop bop in the form of new single ‘2023’.

The song was born out of the “frustration that comes with feeling like you’ll never change – that the things that you hate that you do will continuously be repeated throughout your life, and that fear will always get in the way.”

Lila Drew