Avery Lynch – Sleepover

Photo / Jordan Van Hecke

Pennsylvanian singer-songwriter Avery Lynch is back with a superb new single, entitled ‘Sleepover’.

Produced by Emi Dragoi and mixed by Mark Rankin, the track is as perfected as you could expect for a pop sound, and continues to prove Lynch’s star potential. Speaking on the lyrics, Lynch says:

“I wrote ‘Sleepover’ about what it was like living in Boston with my boyfriend and our friends. In the beginning of our relationship, we would meet at the train station when I got out of class, we’d go to this little convenience store near his apartment to get snacks, and then we’d head to his apartment to watch cartoons and eventually fall asleep.” Lynch says of the song. “Later when we were living together in a house with our friends, we would all go on Walgreens runs to get snacks and come back and watch movies together. I wrote ‘Sleepover’ to try and capture how much fun that all was.”

With an ever-growing fanbase on social media (329k followers on TikTok alone) and more than 600k monthly listeners on Spotify, it’s clear that Lynch’s refreshingly original approach to pop will propel her to the mainstream in a very short space of time.

Avery Lynch