New Music: Masati

Based in Texas, Masati is a multi-talented artist who crafts the most sublime RnB cuts you could imagine.

In addition to writing his own music, he also plays guitar, bass, and piano to form sounds that feel organic, heartfelt and rich in emotion.

“This song sounds like a conversation between two people but it’s really about me and what felt like a toxic in-again, out-again relationship i’ve had with music. Over the years it’s been a confusing journey but I’m finally giving it a fair run this time. I want people to be inspired to dream. Becoming an artist felt like a far-fetched idea for me, and I would have never expected to find myself in the position I am today. But I hope I can be proof that if something is meant for you, it can still happen – you just have to pursue it. From that point, it’s just a matter of time before your moment comes.”