Matilde G – Hypocrite

Photo / Alessia Bulani

Rising Singapore-based singer and songwriter Matilde G returns with a punchy slice of pop through her self-assured new single ‘Hypocrite’.

Inspired by the perils of teenage dating and cheating lovers, the song serves as an anthem to those who have suffered with bad romances.

“This song is about a guy who cheated on me. This is sadly a current topic for those who live teen-relationships. Am I the victim of a hypocritical guy? The cheater is a victim of himself and his lies. Better to kick back and go further with strength and awareness of your own value, which is never determined by the others. I wrote ‘Hypocrite’ to send a strong message to those who have been cheated on: do not be ashamed because the true loser is the cheater! I went through painful experiences that marked me but also made me stronger and more determined not to allow anyone to manipulate me and hurt me.”

With a style of sound compared to the likes of Tove Lo, Zara Larsson and Avril Lavigne, Matilde G has grown a fanbase of over 250k followers across social media and accumulated more than five million catalogue streams.

Matilde G