New Music: May Payne

Emerging from Manchester comes 20-year old singer and songwriter May Payne.

Already garnering a fanbase of over 35k followers across social media, this rising starlet is winning hearts all across the country with her charming take on indie-pop.

New single ‘Lazy Sunday’ was inspired by the infatuations that we can go through when we first meet someone – even to the point where we temporarily forgive the incompatibilities.

“I get myself entangled in a lot unhealthy and mis-matched situation-ships and more often than not it all comes down to that feeling when it’s a Sunday, you’re hiding away in someone’s room, and you’re both happy to pretend that things really could work out between you – or ignore the fact that they won’t.”

Be sure to follow along with Payne’s journey to stardom through her website and Instagram.

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