New Music: MIYA MIYA

MIYA MIYA are a British collective of artists who have already amassed over 100 million career streams to date through their own songs, collaborations and co-writes.

Injecting nostalgic 00’s punk sounds into a modern alt-pop production, new single ‘H8 Me 2’ is an anthemic and bold release that looks certain to become one of the summer’s biggest bops.

β€œIt’s a love/hate letter towards us breaking the mould and becoming an independent band. In January we were in between finishing songs and were trailing through all the old favourite films that made us feel nostalgic. We came across 10 Things I Hate About You and, with what we were going through at the time, it felt like such a great idea for a song; we jumped in the studio, grabbed the acoustic guitar and wrote the hook in what felt like very little time. We also felt most current love songs were a bit one-sided, so wanted to flip it on its head and write about the side of a relationship people don’t tend to sing about. Leah Kate clearly caught the same wave!”

With praise from the likes of Clash, Rolling Stone, Wonderland, BBC Radio 1 and BBC Introducing, this group could well be one of the UK’s next biggest pop exports.


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