Nessa Barrett – die first

Social media creator & star Nessa Barrett returns with a powerfully emotive new single entitled ‘die first’.

Expertly fusing dark pop tones with elements of indie, the track presents a sound that is not only universally appealing but also beautifully moving.

The song is dedicated to Barrett’s own mother, as well as her late friend Cooper Noriega:

“this song means more to me than anyone could comprehend. coop said this was his favorite song off the album and im so happy i got to tell him that this song was for him and my mom before he passed. i miss u more than ever my little dove. i can’t believe this is my first release without u. this is ur song cooper. i feel u with me every time i listen.”

Nessa Barrett

Nessa Barrett – i hope ur miserable until ur dead

Already garnering over 5.5 million followers on Instagram alone, Nessa Barrett seems to be a name that will inevitably hit the mainstream very rapidly.

And if the title of this song is anything to go by, the world of pop may well be a more interesting place when she does.

Nessa Barrett