Picture This – LA House Party

One of Ireland’s biggest musical exports in recent years, Picture This are back today with the fantastically catchy ‘LA House Party’.

This is a fabulous slice of pop-rock that’s packed with engaging lyricism, delivered with distinctively unique vocals that exude charm.

Picture This

Picture This – Things Are Different

Undoubtedly one of Ireland’s biggest global successes in recent years (having amassed nearly 300 million streams to date), Picture This have captured the world’s attention with their unique style of cinematic pop-rock.

And despite the pandemic, the group are still charging ahead with another huge release, presenting ‘Things Are Different’ as a love song to the world.

“A lot of things are different in the world we live in right now but what will never change no matter what the circumstances are our morals, our passions, our beliefs and who we are as people. We now as a civilisation have to pick up where we left off and step into a new world with love and compassion in our hearts, both for ourselves and for those around us.” – Ryan, Picture This

Taken from the forthcoming third studio album, due to arrive later this year.

Picture This