poutyface – Boys Will Be Boys

Southern Californian singer-songwriter poutyface returns with two pop bangers that unashamedly pack a punch.

Across both tracks, this rising 20-year old talent showcases her distinctive signature sound, while also highlighting her quick wit and honest lyricism.

“Don’t take yourself so seriously. The last thing I’m concerned with is coming off ‘cool.’ I hope that shines through and encourages people to do the same. ‘Cool’ is overrated. Authenticity is interesting. Nobody is gonna do it like you. I’m digging my heels into the labels that used to humiliate me – ‘weird,’ ‘awkward,’ ‘lame.’ Maybe, but if that’s who I am, you’re gonna hear me shout it louder than anyone else in the room. My music is a wave to everyone who feels out of place. I see you, even if nobody else does.”